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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Working With Color - Continued

Continuing on with how I balance my blocks using color, if you look closely at the lace applique, it has a bit of a curve to it. This automatically adds some movement to the piece and minimizes the harsh lines of the piecing.

As I mentioned in my last post on this, opposites attract or in the case of crazyquilting, opposites are attractive. To further balance the block and add even more movement to it, I added some curly vines directly opposite of the applique above the tulip hankie.

In the top left corner, I did another vine with red buttonhole flowers. In the bottom right-hand corner, I did a feather stitch with yellow flowers on one side and red flowers on the other.

Last but not least, directly oppostie of the blue lace, I did some blue lazy daisy flowers. Do you see the method to my craziness?

I left one seam unstitched. I'd like to use some buttons there but that's usually one of the last things I add.

Now, based on what I've done so far and what I've explained as far as how opposites are attractive goes, can anyone tell me what color flowers I'll be using on the curly vine at the top? Look at the block, and let me know if it's obvious to you.

The next step in the layer process are beads and sequins. First I'd like to recommend that you use only bead thread and not sewing thread. Sewing thread will loosen up in time. Beading thread is available in Walmart, Michael,s, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's. If you use beading thread, your beads, buttons and charms will stay put.

Tomorrow I'll explain how I work with beads and other embellishments to further balance a design.

If anyone has any questions so far, please don't hesitate to leave a message for me here at the blog, on my Flickr site or send an email. I'm happy to answer any and all questions.


The Mad Stitcher said...

My guess is Yellow flowers! I am beginning to see reason to your *craziness*! Thanks so much for this

whitecalla said...

Yellow is my guess too.
~ Lillie

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