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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Crazy Quilt Trinket Blocks

In between my work on the McHenry Landmark Quilt, I've been stitching on another quilt which I call my Crazy Trinket Quilt.  These are 6 inch block featuring little do-dads that I've been saving and collecting my entire life.  Some are things from my childhood, some are little things that beloved to family and loved ones no longer with me and some are collected from the flea markets and antique shops that my former husband and I used to go to when we were still together.

This block just showcases some button covers from an Autumn sweater:

The scarecrow, the turkey and the large pumpkin are the button covers.  I never use them.  They're too fiddly and I'm afraid of losing or breaking them so I put them to the side for this quilt.

The orange and yellow trim is vintage.  I found yards and yards of it at a flea market so expect to see more of it on upcoming blocks.

The block has a Happy New Year theme:

While rearranging some of my stitched pieces, I found the cross stitched Happy New Year piece.  I don't know when I stitched it but there it was, in my stash so on a block it went.

I wasn't sure what to do with this block to continue on with the New Year theme.  I didn't have much in my stash that would convey the theme so I worked with color more than anything else.

The large white flowers are from a necklace I found at a garage sale a few years ago.  I took it apart and left the little dangling beads on it.  

The tiny clock is a charm as is the moon.  I used 2 MM silk ribbon to create some streamers, pulling the idea out of the stitched piece and then I added some gold star sequins.  I think it works!

I think this gives me 43 blocks now.  I don't have a completion goal with this quilt.  I don't care if I end up with 100 or 200 blocks and I don't care when I get it done.  I just want to a place to display my little do-dads.

So this one will continue for awhile!

McHenry Landmark Crazy Quilt Block 31

Progress continues on my McHenry Illinois Landmark Crazy Quilt.  I've completed Block #31.  This building was originally known as the Fox Pavilion.  A dance hall built in 1931 to replace the original dance hall which burned down in shortly before this one was built:

This building eventually became McHenry's Roller Skating Rink.  Sadly, it burned down in May of 2021.

I have 9 more blocks to do for this quilt.  It's been a huge project, trying to preserve the memories of our landmarks here in McHenry, Illinois where I live.

Here is the entire quilt so far:

I've been working on this since December 2017.  The blocks are 9 inches and I'm working it in a traditional Victorian style using muted fabric colors.  All lace that I use are either vintage or antique.  The only embellishments are a few Mother Of Pearl buttons to create the spider that appears on each block.

I chart the lettering out in my cross stitch pattern software and stitch it on the block using waste canvas.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

February Cross Stitch Pattern Releases

I don't know about anyone else, but January is not my favorite time of year!  It's been bitter cold here and I'm looking forward to having some warmer temps!  February always seems a little better because we have Valentine's Day and it's a short month so Spring will be here soon!

For now, I have several new releases to share!

My Crazy Ornaments are really popular so this time, I have a set of 4 Crazy Valentine Cats.  These were designed for 14 ct. White Perforated Paper using DMC and Kreinik #4 Braid.

Next is the final installment of The Never Ending Sampler.  This band sampler has a Spring theme and is worked in a variety of specialty stitches using white DMC on 28 ct. Lavender Lugana.  Stitch diagrams are in included.

Rejoice is also Spring themed and based on a poem I wrote years ago.  It's worked on 32 ct Sage Murano using DMC and Mill Hill beads.

I shall rejoice when it is Spring and foliage fills the trees.
When robins lay their pale blue eggs, and blossom scent the breeze.

I shall rejoice when songbirds voice a melody so new.
When April showers, flowers bring in May when skies turn blue.

I shall rejoice when meadows turn from white to verdant green.
When all the earth is new again, Rejoice, For it is Spring!

One of the most beloved scripture verses of all time is 1 Corinthians 13 also know as The Greatest Of These Is Love.  This sampler is worked on 28 ct. Cream Lugana with Sampler Threads from The Gentle Art.  DMC alternatives are included.

Finally, a sweet little St. Patrick's Day sampler featuring the famous phrase, may the luck of the Irish be with you.  This design is also worked on 28 ct. Cream Lugana with Sampler Threads as well as Kreinik #4 Braid.  Again, DMC alternatives are included.


Ask your favorite needlework retail stores to stock my patterns. 

They are also available in my Etsy store.
Be sure to use Coupon Code: STITCH1

Join Fans Of Kitty And Me Designs on Facebook to sign up for your Free Birthday gift!!  Celebrate The Colorful Cat will arrive via your email on your birthday!!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Rosey The Cat Freebie

 I've had several requests for Rosey The Cat.  I'm offering her to you as a free pattern:

You can download the PDF for Rosey and all of my free patterns here:

Free Cross Stitch Patterns


Monday, January 10, 2022

More Crazy Quilt Trinket Blocks

 I stitched up a two more Crazy Quilt Trinket blocks.  I think I'm up to 42 blocks now!


This one has an Autumn theme.  The leaves in the very center are a brooch that I found over the Summer at an estate sale for I think, 50 cents!

This is a crazy quilt on a crazy quilt!  The tiny little framed piece was made by my sweet friend Pat Winter.  I bought it from her a few years ago.  It's a pendant but I don't wear much jewelry anymore so I decided to use it on this quilt.  No one on the planet can make tinier stitches than pat!

The silver leaves are a vintage brooch that my long time dear friend Danielle gave me for my birthday back in the 80's.  Danielle and I share the same birthday, Christmas Eve.

The colors in both pieces are brighter than they look here.  I'm needing a new digital camera so for now, I'm using my cellphone to take photos.

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Poinsettia Biscornu Ornament

I started one of my Poinsettia Biscornu Ornaments before Christmas but put it down for a week or so.  I finished it up this morning:


I love stitching those satin stitch poinsettias!  The Kreinik gold is really glittery but doesn't show well in this photo.

 Ask for my patterns at your favorite needlework retail stores or find them on Etsy.

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Crazy Quilt Trinket Block

I pieced another block for the McHenry Landmark Crazy Quilt but I haven't started stitching on it yet.  Instead, I felt like playing with some glittery beads and sequins.  I wish the sparkle showed up better!


You might remember, I started a Trinket Quilt a few years ago.  I had all sorts of little things that I've been saving all my life and thought it would be a nice way to display them.

The little Bluebird on this block is a Mill Hill beaded pin that I made for my aunt years ago.  After she passed away, my cousin gave back to me the things that I made for my aunt.  So I have more of those little Mill Hill pins to include on this quilt.

These blocks are 6 inches square.  I have no idea how many blocks there will be because I have a lot of things to use.

Many of the blocks can be seen in my book Crazy Quilt Inspiration.

When I have a some time, I'll put a JPEG together with all the blocks I have so far.  I think there's 40 something now.

Saturday, January 01, 2022

Cross Stitch Free Pattern and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I have a new free cross stitch pattern for you to enjoy.  Perfect for January stitching.

Click to here to download my Free Cross Stitch Patterns in PDF format.

Have a wonderful New Year's weekend!!

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