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Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Lovely Etsy Review

I thought I'd share this lovely review of Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine from one of my Etsy customers:

Caren White Mar 18, 2020
5 out of 5 stars

This is a beautiful and unusual niche publication, filled with eye candy for needleworkers. Photo resolution is not high so photos are not as crisp as some larger scale publications such as Inspirations, but the creativity of the projects compensates for this. An exceptional publication, well worth ordering.

Republished with permission.

Thank you Caren!!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine Summer 2020 Just Released!

I've just released the Summer 2020 issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine.  Under the current circumstances we're all dealing with, I think everyone needs something pretty to look at!

Letter From The Editor:

It’s been a rough Spring. The horrible virus has taken its toll around the world in so many unimaginable
ways. There is however, one thing that it cannot touch and that’s our creativity. In times like this, our human spirit reaches out to not only help others, but to help ourselves as well.

Creativity gives us an outlet to express our emotions. The repetitive nature of stitching helps to quiet our minds. The finished project gives us a sense of completing something of value. And everyone has something of value to contibute to our world.

Someone once told me, in reference to how cars work, there are no independent systems. I think it has become evident that there is no job that isn’t important. We all work together whether we see it or not. There is no hobby that isn’t necessary, if only to the person doing it. And there is no living creature on this planet that doesn’t serve a purpose, whatever that purpose may be.

At the time of this writing, it’s Holy Week. I pray that by the time this reaches you, that our new
normal is even better than our old one. Peace be with all of you!


The Summer 2020 issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine features Margaret Rolfe as our cover artist.
Deborah Higgins shares her prize winning crazy quilt inspired by classic literature.
Pam Peugh shows her Shades Of Red quilt .
We have an antique crazy quilt with gorgeous embroidery from Teri Young as well as some gorgeous projects by Helen White.
We also have some tutorials by tutorials by Mary Anne Richardson and some patterns by Kathy Shaw.
Our contributors have given us a truly beautiful issue of CQQ!!

40 pages

Print and PDF versions are available at Magcloud:

Print copies only are available at Etsy:

Monday, April 27, 2020

Flosstube Videos from Michelle Bendy

First, again I'd like to thank you all for your kind messages.  I really appreciate every comment!!!  Every storm runs out of rain eventually!!  Thank you so much!

Today, I want to introduce to you the sweetest lady who absolutely loves stitching!!

If you haven't seen any of the Flosstube videos on YouTube, you can search them out by using the keyword "Flosstube".  I've watch a lot of them and they are really fun.

But there is one sweet lady who really stands out!  Michelle Bendy. 

Michelle is a nurse and a designer and a cross stitcher and  she does these wonderful videos where she shares her works in progress (called WIPS), fun new products, new patterns, needlework news, stitch-alongs (called SALS) and anything else that catches her attention.

Recently, Carla owner of Cobweb Corner sent Michelle a few of my Colorful Cats to give away as a promotion for the "Colorful SAL" that Carla is hosting on Facebook..  I was blown away!  Didn't see that coming! Such a nice surprise!

Anyway, Michelle gave them away and everyone seemed to love them!!  I contacted Michelle and offered her some more of my patterns to give away.  Again, Michelle's followers left so many nice comments not only about my designs but also about how enjoyable Michelle's Flosstube videos are.

Honestly, they are enjoyable!  Not to short, not too long.  Michelle is lighthearted and so enthusiastic about needlework. She has a sweet gentle voice which makes her videos a joy to watch and listen to.

So for today, I would love it if you would hop over to Michelle Bendy's Youtube Channel and check it out!  And be sure to follow her because you never know what she might be giving away next (wink)!

Also, please check out Carla's Colorful SAL on Facebook!!  The new Colorful Cat Watermelon will be available in her store Cobweb Corner any day now!!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

New Releases

Again, I'd like to thank you ladies for your sweet comments.  I so much appreciate your kindness.

Today, I have 2 new releases to share.  First, from the very popular Colorful Cats series of cross stitch patterns, this is Watermelon:

Is this little one colorful or what?  And who doesn't love pink and green!!

When I design these, I usually come up with the name of the cat first and then work the design from the name.

Did you know that the inspiration for the colorful cats series came from Andrew Lloyd Webber's CATS the musical?  Yes, that's where they came from.  I love ALW musicals and CATS is one of my favorites!!

So which of the Colorful Cats are your favorite?  I would love to know!!!

Next is the entire Panel 6 of The Never Ending Sampler:

I know some stitchers like to wait to do these designs until they are complete.  The pattern includes stitch diagrams for all the specialty stitches.  I thought this one, worked in bright colors was a fun project.  Panel 7 will have an antique feel to it!

These and all of my patterns are available at retail needlework stores here in the United States, in Canada and in Europe!  Or you can find them in my Etsy store as either professionally printed pattern leaflets or as instant digital PDF downloads.

Kitty And Me Designs on Etsy

Friday, April 24, 2020


First, thank you to everyone for your kind messages.  I will survive.  I always do!  Things will definitely get better once I can buy a house and have some space and access to my things.

So, until then, I'll post photos of my stitching and things I made prior to all the chaos.  I'll call them "reruns"!

I know you've seen some of the blocks for my McHenry quilt.  I started this a few years ago when my former husband was going through cancer treatment as a way to keep my mind busy.

The photos on the blocks are some of the historic buildings here in McHenry, Illinois where I live.  I did work on this since I've been here at mom's but finally got fed up trying to stitch in such a small  space so I put it away for the time being.

Anyway, the photos are printed on Inkjet Fabric Sheets which I run through my printer.  Once they're heat set with an iron, the images are permanent.  Not that this will ever need to be washed!

Each block is 9 inches square and worked in the traditional Victorian style.  It's pieced by hand on a cotton foundation.  All lace is either vintage or antique.  A nice lady here in McHenry gave me a box of velvet fabrics along with some old lace.  I can't access my antique lace at the moment.  And I can't access most of my fancy crazy quilt fabrics so there's a lot of velvets on here but that's okay.  Like I said, I'll get back to it.

There are no sequins on this quilt and no embellishments.  (Hard to believe for me huh?  Me who loves glittery things?  LOL!!)  The only buttons are tiny vintage mother-of-pearl buttons used to make a spider on each block.  I did make some fabric yo-yo's to use as flowers.  Everything else is hand embroidered.

I've included the names of the buildings along with the dates that they were built.  I do my own research as I'm a McHenry historian.  I'm also on the board of the McHenry Area Historical Society which is just such an honor for me!!

For the names and dates, I chart them out in my cross stitch pattern software and then I use waste canvas to stitch them onto the blocks.  Once the stitching is complete, I just pull the waste canvas threads out from underneath the stitches.  One by one but it goes pretty fast and it's a great way to do cross stitch on crazy quilting!

Anyway, when I can get back to this, I still have a lot of buildings to document so it'll  be quite large. Most of the buildings that I'm documenting are still standing.  A few have burned down or were taken down due to deterioration but most are still here.

 Once it's complete I plan to use it for promotional purposes for the historical society.

Thursday, April 23, 2020


If you follow me on Facebook, you might know that I'm trying to post pretty or happy things everyday.  Under the circumstances, I think everyone needs something happy to look at.

I thought I'd start doing the same thing here.  But first, I thought I share the past few years of my life.  You've probably noticed that I haven't been very chatty for a very, very long time.  It's been a rather challenging time in my life.

You may know that I've just been through a horrible, 2 year long divorce.  And you may remember that I took care of my husband while he went through eye surgery for an almost completely detached retina and then a year later, I took care of him while he underwent chemo and radiation for cancer of the tonsils which he put off for 5 years despite me, my mother, his mother and my aunt telling him to take care of it.

Not only did I take care of him, I took care of my cats and my elderly cat Lucy who I lost 2 years ago.  I took care of the house, kept the roof over our heads and food on the table and paid the medical bills for those 2 major medical problems.  He lost a lot of time at work.   I also worked my tail feathers off to pay for a new roof on the house and a new water softener.  And I did it knowing the whole time, that he was fooling around with my sister.  There, I said it!  And I needed to say it!

In order to take care of all the medical bills and keep food on the table, I not only humiliated myself by setting up a Go Fund Me account, I sold 2 of my crazy quilts and my entire collection of crazy quilt purses that I made for myself.  There were about 25 of them.

When all was said and done, when I had everything paid for, he filed for a divorce and bullied me out of my house.  He was vicious!  I took my 4 cats, my personal things, my computer and my car and I have been living and working in my parent guest room for 2 years now.  The divorce was brutal and expensive.

I've tried to stitch here but most of my craft supplies are packed up and out of reach.  My 2 sewing machines are not accessible.  I can cross stitch but I only have a tiny space and quite frankly, I'm tired of trying to function in a space that I can't function in. 

So, I've focused all my energy on my work.  My cross stitch patterns and Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine.  Knowing that when I buy a house and get settled, I will be able to get back to all the things I enjoy doing.

I am planning on buying a Townhouse in the near future.

So, with all that said, I have some nice plans that I'm working on and I will share those as they become feasible.  I hope to get back to being more chatty and more active here on my blog.  If you remember, I used to bake a lot and share my recipes.  I used to post a lot of photos of my kitties.  I used to share my flea market finds and lots of other things that I felt were of interest.  I used to do give aways and I just can't even remember everything I used to do here but I always tried to make this a fun stop on your blog hops!  

I used to share my works in progress but I just don't have any at the moment.  That will change.

So for now, I will share some of my previous pretties!

This is my Mozart purse:

I made this quite a few years.  Mozart is my favorite composer.  The signature is his.  I found it online, traced it and embroidered it on the block.  The little treble clef is a rhinestone pin that I found at a flea market.  I hand painted the lace applique and beaded it once it was sewn down onto the block.

You can tell my earlier pieces by my little signature cat.  I used to stitch him on my blocks.  Maybe I'll go back to doing that when I can get back to doing these.

I've also been asked if I plan to get back to making some things to sell.  Yes, as soon as I can buy a house and get settled.  Yes, I will.

So that's what's been going on for the last few years.  It has not been pleasant but every storm runs out of rain eventually!!

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Never Ending Sampler - Panel 6 Band 10 - Complete

Today I have Panel 6 Band 10 of The Never Ending Sampler.  Band 10 completes Panel 6.

Download the PDF file for the Never Ending Sampler Panel 6 Band 10

Last week I talked a little about Panel 7.  I'll post more information on that soon.  I like to give everyone some time to get caught up so we'll start the next panel in a couple of weeks.  Before that, I'll give you the floss list so you can gather your supplies.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

The Never Ending Sampler - Upcoming Panel 7

We're almost done with Panel 6 of The Never Ending Sampler.  There will be one more band which will be released next week.

I'll give everyone a little time to get caught up on the previous panels but I thought I'd share my ideas for Panel 7.

I'm trying to make these all different.  I don't want anyone getting bored!!  So for Panel 7, I will be working the design as a more traditional, antique style sampler.  I always call them "schoolgirl samplers".  Traditional sampler motifs along with an alphabet and probably a phrase regarding needlework.  I already have one in mind!

The size will remain the same:

Each panel is approx. 6 inches wide X 18 inches long when finished.
That's the stitched area on 14 count Aida or 28 count Evenweave over 2 fabric threads.
You'll want your fabric panels to be 12 inches wide x 24 inches long.
That will give you 3 inches on each side for framing.

To give this design an antique look, I'm recommending a natural color for fabric.  Perhaps something with an over-dyed look so it has the feel of age.  A tan, light brown or parchment color will give you that look.

You can work on 28 count Cashel Linen, Lugana or tradition linen over 2 fabric threads.  Or you can work on 14 count Aida.  The choice is yours.  I don't want to recommend a specific fabric color because I want these designs to be yours.  I want you to choose the color you stitch on.  Depending on the fabric color, you can make it look really old, primitive!  Or, it can be more subtle.

Also, I will be using Sampler Threads by The Gentle Art, again to give this design the feel of being old!
I will also give you the DMC conversions in case you don't want to invest in the Sampler Threads.  I love them and I love stitching with them.  They're over-dyed and have a subtle shaded look to them which in turn, will give your sampler more of an aged look. 

Click here to see at the wonderful colors in The Sampler Threads line.  Most needlework retail stores stock them.  But again, I'll give you the DMC conversions as well.

Also, I will post the thread list in advance.  I'll get my list together sometime next week and post them so you can get your supplies together.

So start thinking about your fabric color for Panel 7.  Again, I'll get the final band of Panel 6 posted early next week!!

Also, as a reminder for crazy quilters, many of these bands can be used for seam treatments!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Never Ending Sampler Panel 6 Band 9

Today I have the next band of the Never Ending Sampler ready!

This is Panel 6 Band 9:

Never Ending Sampler Panel 6 Band 9 PDF Download

There will be one more band and then Panel 6 is complete.

Tomorrow, I'll talk a little bit about Panel 7!!

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Now Available - The Bird Samper Series

If you enjoy the Never Ending Sampler, I'm sure you'll love working on the Bird Sampler Series!

These beautiful band samplers feature several specialty stitches include the Rhodes stitch, Satin Stitch flowers and leaves, Eyelet stitches and the Smyrna Cross.

Worked in DMC threads on 28 count White Lugana.

Click here to order the patterns:

Cross Stitch Bird Sampler Series on Etsy

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

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