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Monday, December 21, 2020

Star Of Bethlehem Free Pattern

 In honor of the beautiful Christmas Star that we'll get to see tonight of we're lucky enough to have clear skies, I've worked up a new complimentary pattern for everyone to enjoy:

You can download the Star Of Bethlehem PDF file along with my other free patterns from this link:

 Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 11, 2020

Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Cinnamon Bear

The Cinnamon Bear - a sweet and charming old time radio show originally broadcast in 1937. Each of the 26 episodes are approx. 15 minutes long. This is a Christmas classic. Listen to 1 episode each day starting today and finishing on Christmas Eve. 

The Cinnamon Bear

Friday, November 27, 2020

Colorful Christmas Tree Peppermint Error

 In the chaos that's been my life, I made a huge a error on the PDF file for the Peppermint Colorful Christmas Tree.

The color key is correct but the chart is wrong.

If you ordered a printed leaflet from a retail store, please contact them for a replacement.  If you ordered a printed leaflet or PDF download from me, please email me and I will replace it for you.

I apologize for this error.  It's first time I make one of this magnitude!  Hopefully it will be last!

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Crazy Quilt Magazine by Lisa P. Boni

Just wanted to post a review of the new Crazy Quilt Magazine by Lisa P. Boni.  As you know, Lisa took over the magazine and is now the new owner/editor/publisher and she did an amazing job on her Premier issue which is all about Sparkle!

Lisa's cover artist is Helen White with her Northern Canadian Winter block.  Lovely color combo!

Also in this issue is a good article on photographing Crazy Quilts which I can tell you from my own experience, that it is a challenge!

Margreet De Reus shares her Crazy Quilt Clock and Betty Pillsbury's Once Upon A Time Mixed Media box is a beautiful addition to this issue.

Learn about embellishing using Swarovski Crystals with a good article by Mary Anne Griffin.

Barbara Warner shares with us a pretty block called Aunt Lulu's Postcards.

Kelly Montgomery shares her Galactic Heros crazy quilt and Arlene White inspires us with her 12 Days Of Christmas Quilt.

Susan Elliot talks about glitter and Sparkle, Sparkle Little Fish by Linda Mussehl is a must see along with an nice idea for using up your left over threads pieces.

BJ Sandusky talkes about bling and Mary Beard shares with us how to make Velvet Yo-Yo's.  

You can find a tutorial on Christmas ornaments and an article about a lovely antique crazy quilt by Janet Popish.

Last but not least, Lisa has provided us with some beautiful stitch diagrams to work with!

Everyone, this is an all-star line up!!  Beautifully executed and presented, this issue a must have!!

Please visit the Crazy Quilt Magazine website to to learn more about submitting articles and ordering your copy.


Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cross Stitch New Releases - Colorful Christmas Trees

The newest patterns in the Colorful series are the Colorful Christmas Trees:



If you love the Colorful  series and you love anything whimsical, these are for you!  I think my favorite is the pink one!  

Worked in DMC threads along with some Kreinik metallics the design can be worked on 14 count Aida or 28 count Lugana.

Ask for The Colorful Christmas Trees series at your favorite needlework shops or find them in my Etsy store.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

New Exclusive Colorful Cat - Sunset

 We have a new exclusive cat in the Colorful Cats series:

Sunset is exclusive to Stitch By Stitch in Cape May New Jersey.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

2021 Calendars

This year, I have two 2021 calendars.  The first is my annual Crazy Quilt Calendar featuring 13 high quality photos of crazy quilt projects that I did awhile back:

It's a beautiful calendar filled with eye candy and inspiration for anyone who enjoys all things pretty!

The 2nd calendar is my 1st annual Cross Stitch Calendar, this one featuring 12 cross stitch Biscornu patterns, one suitable for each month of the year.


Each pattern is 50 stitches square and the calendar booklet includes Biscornu finishing directions.

The designs are perfect not only for Biscornu pincushions but also for ornaments.

The full size calendar pages feature all US and Canadian holidays as well as the season changes.

Both are available now.

Magcloud - Print and/or PDF download: 

Etsy - Print only:

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

New Exclusive Colorful Cats - Butterfly

 The newest in the Exclusive Colorful Cats series is Butterfly:

Butterfly is exclusive to Cross Stitch Boutique.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Copyright Issues on Etsy

Just thought I'd mention something that was being discussed on an embroidery group that I follow over on Facebook.

If you find any patterns on Etsy that you feel violate copyrights, please contact Etsy. Etsy does not tolerate copyright infringement issues and will close down any shop that violates their terms.
There aren't any problems with my designs that I'm aware of at the moment, but there are people using the work of other artists and photographers. They use "auto conversion" software and then sell the computer generated chart as their own work cheating the artists and photographers out of possible income or royalties. 
The people who do this seem to think that artists have endless funds to pay attorneys to fight for their copyrights. That's a big time misconception!! Anyone who's had to pay an attorney for anything knows how expensive those services are.
The best thing to do is to contact Etsy about it and let them handle it.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Coupon Code for Cross Stitch PDF Downloads

 Good Morning everyone!  I thought I'd offer you a discount on my PDF downloads in my Etsy Store!

Use Coupon Code: PDF15 to save 15 % on all PDF Downloads in my Etsy store:
Offer good through 9/19
Happy Stitching!!!

Friday, September 11, 2020

9/11/2001 Free Memorial Cross Stitch Pattern

About a week after 9/11/2001, I created this cross stitch design, They Shall Soar On Wings Like Eagles as a free memorial design. I thought today would be a good day to re-release it.

They Shall Soar On Wings Like Eagles

Free Cross Stitch Pattern


New Exclusive Colorful Cat - Pumpkin

Many of you know that I've been trying to help the needlework retail stores get back on their feet.  As I have time, I've been creating exclusive Colorful Cat designs to help the shops.  My latest Colorful Cat in the exclusive series is Pumpkin!!

Pumpkin is exclusive to For The Stitcher's Soul.   Terri should have these in stock next week.  

There will be more.  I'm trying to help these wonderful store owners so I'm doing them as I can!!  Please support them!

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

2021 Calendars Coming Soon!!

I wanted to share my upcoming Calendars with you.  This year, there will be 2 calendars, first will be the 2021 Cross Stitch Biscornu Calendar:

This calendar includes the patterns for all 12 monthly Biscornu designs.  The designs are 50 stitches square and Biscornu finishing directions are included.

Also coming soon is the 2021 Crazy Quilt Calendar:

This calendar features 13 of my crazy quilt pieces, again suitable to each month of the year.

Both calendars include the traditional calendar page for each month featuring the US and Canadian holidays along with the season changes.

They are 8 1/2 inches wide X 11 inches high.

Release date:  October 1st!

Please contact your favorite stitchy shops and ask them to stock these beautiful calendars!

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Never Ending Sampler Clarification

Just a quick update: 

The bands for The Never Ending Sampler will be posted both here on my blog as well as on my Facebook Group.

Panel 7 will begin as soon as I can get settled in my new house.  It's a slow process but I'll get it done.  I had the interior painted, I've moved most of my personal things over there so now I need to get my furniture moved over and I need to order some things.

Please hang in here with me. 

Friday, August 07, 2020

Never Ending Sampler Stitch Along Facebook Group

Just a quick note everyone, I'm combining the NES Facebook Group with the Fans Of Kitty And Me Designs Facebook group.  

Please join as the bands for the upcoming Panel 7 will be posted there.

Panel 7 will start sometime in the Fall.  I'm in the very slow process of moving to my new house so the next panel will start as soon as I can get settled.

Cross Stitch Freebies

Little by little, I'm trying to reorganized everything including my files!!  I just uploaded my free cross stitch patterns to a single folder.  These are the free designs that I currently have available:

I have more but will have to rework the files.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these!
Click here to download the PDF files:  Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

New Exclusive Colorful Cat - Wildflower

Let me introduce you to the newest Colorful Cat:

This is Wildflower and she's exclusive to Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine Autumn 2020

I've just released the Autumn 2020 issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine.

This issue is loaded with beautiful crazy quilt eye candy!  Our cover artist is the one and only Susan Lenz!!!  Order your copy here:  Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine

It's also available in my Etsy store.

I also want to announce that CQQ has a new owner/editor/publisher.  Lisa P. Boni who is a very gifted artist and crazy quilter, will release her first issue starting with the Winter 2020 publication.

If you would like to submit your work to Lisa (and really hope you will), please contact her here.

I've really enjoyed my years as the editor of Crazy Quilt Quarterly and I truly wish Lisa all the best with her new publication!!

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Colorful Cat Sunrise Stitched and Framed

Have you seen Sunrise all stitched up and framed? She's exclusive to The Crafty Framer.

Contact Peggy to your pattern leaflet.


Friday, July 17, 2020

Christmas Biscornu Free Pattern

I've had several requests for one of my past freebie designs, The Christmas Biscornu.  I just put it together into a PDF file so now you can download it!  Perhaps it can be your first ornament for the 2020 holiday season.  Heaven knows, we all need something fun and cheerful these days!!

Happy Stitching!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine for Sale

I'm looking for someone to take over Crazy Quilt Quarterly magazine.   My cross stitch work completely dominates my time so the magazine is for sale.

If anyone is interested in taking it over, please email me.  The Autumn 2020 issue will be my final publication.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

The Colorful Series Needle Nannies!

Look what Cobweb Corner has back in stock:

The new cats are in stock as well including Cupcake!!  Be sure to check them out!

Thursday, July 02, 2020

New Exclusive Colorful Cats Design

Happy 4th of July everyone!!

I just finished another exclusive Colorful Cat design:

This is America and she is exclusive to Stitchery X-Press.  Just in time for Independence Day!

I can't tell you how much I love doing these Colorful Cats designs!  I have a long list of ideas for them.  There's definitely a cat for everyone!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Needle Nannies!

I'm really excited to share this with you!!  Carla owner of Cobweb Corner now stocks some Needle Nannies (magnets for holding your stitchy needles) with designs from The Colorful Series!!

This is Carla's post:

Colorful Needle Nannies are here!
Exclusive (for now) to Cobweb Corner! I knew the Colorful series would make fabulous needle minders - and lucky for all of us - Pamela agreed. I've chosen 10 designs to start with. But we can do more if there are enough requests.
There are only 3 of each design (except Cobweb). Limit yourself to ONE of each design. If the design you want is out of stock make sure to add yourself to the Waiting List and you'll be notified as soon as it is back in stock!
Click here to see them all!
No matter what kind of stitching or sewing you do, Needle Nannies are a great way to keep tract of your needles!!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Lots Of New Cross Stitch Patterns

I have some new cross stitch patterns available today.  I've added to the very popular Colorful series. 

Leopold The Colorful Lion

Applejack The Colorful Cat

Liberty The Colorful Cat

Shortcake The Colorful Cat

I've also added to the Crazy Ornaments series!! 

Crazy Maple Leaves

Crazy Halloween Cats

Crazy Halloween Stars

Crazy Pumpkins

These designs are now available at Kitty And Me on Etsy.

Also, please call your favorite needlework retails stores and ask them to stock my patterns!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Cupcake A Birthday Gift

My mission to help the retail needlework stores will continue well towards the end of 2020 but in the meantime, I thought it would be nice to do something for my Facebook group:  Fans Of Kitty And Me Designs If you haven't joined the group, I would like to encourage you to do so.  We have a great group of stitchers there.  They share their WIPS (works in progress) so you can see the cats and my other designs and how pretty they all stitch up!

We also host a Kitty And Me BINGO game.  If you play, you could win a free Kitty And Me PDF pattern of your choice!!

And we have a lot of needlework retail shop owners in our group who will bend over backwards to help you with your stitchy supply needs!!  All you have to do is ask them for help if you need it.

And if you're working on the Never Ending Sampler, I've moved that group over to the main group.  It's getting a bit challenging to take care of 2 groups.

I will be announcing when Panel 7 will start and I will have some other announcements to share soon as well.  So please hop on over!!  Of course I'll share my news here as well.

Anyway, Cupcake is a birthday gift to everyone in my "Fans Of" group.  Instructions for receiving this free pattern are posted at the group.  If you join and sign up for the pattern, you will receive it in your birthday month.  I know, some of you will have to wait awhile.  But this will be available for your birthday through June 2021.  At that point, I will do a new birthday gift for everyone at the group.

So that's my news for today!  Don't forget about Bumblebee and Ladybug!  My 2 newest releases in the Colorful Cats series.  They are available at retail needlework stores as well as in my Etsy store.  Please use Coupon Code:  STITCH1 if you order from Etsy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Colorful Cats - Bumblebee and Ladybug

You can probably see that my ideas for Colorful Cats seem to be endless!  And they are.  I have a long list of great names for them.

Here are my newest Colorful Cats.  Bumblebee and Ladybug:

Bumblebee has 2 Mill Hill bee buttons and Ladybug of course has 2 Mill Hill Ladybug buttons!

Ask for my patterns at your favorite needlework retail store or find in my Etsy store:

Colorful Cats on Etsy
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