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Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Cinnamon Bear

The Cinnamon Bear - a sweet and charming old time radio show originally broadcast in 1937. Each of the 26 episodes are approx. 15 minutes long. This is a Christmas classic. Listen to 1 episode each day starting today and finishing on Christmas Eve. 

The Cinnamon Bear

Friday, November 27, 2020

Colorful Christmas Tree Peppermint Error

 In the chaos that's been my life, I made a huge a error on the PDF file for the Peppermint Colorful Christmas Tree.

The color key is correct but the chart is wrong.

If you ordered a printed leaflet from a retail store, please contact them for a replacement.  If you ordered a printed leaflet or PDF download from me, please email me and I will replace it for you.

I apologize for this error.  It's first time I make one of this magnitude!  Hopefully it will be last!

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Crazy Quilt Magazine by Lisa P. Boni

Just wanted to post a review of the new Crazy Quilt Magazine by Lisa P. Boni.  As you know, Lisa took over the magazine and is now the new owner/editor/publisher and she did an amazing job on her Premier issue which is all about Sparkle!

Lisa's cover artist is Helen White with her Northern Canadian Winter block.  Lovely color combo!

Also in this issue is a good article on photographing Crazy Quilts which I can tell you from my own experience, that it is a challenge!

Margreet De Reus shares her Crazy Quilt Clock and Betty Pillsbury's Once Upon A Time Mixed Media box is a beautiful addition to this issue.

Learn about embellishing using Swarovski Crystals with a good article by Mary Anne Griffin.

Barbara Warner shares with us a pretty block called Aunt Lulu's Postcards.

Kelly Montgomery shares her Galactic Heros crazy quilt and Arlene White inspires us with her 12 Days Of Christmas Quilt.

Susan Elliot talks about glitter and Sparkle, Sparkle Little Fish by Linda Mussehl is a must see along with an nice idea for using up your left over threads pieces.

BJ Sandusky talkes about bling and Mary Beard shares with us how to make Velvet Yo-Yo's.  

You can find a tutorial on Christmas ornaments and an article about a lovely antique crazy quilt by Janet Popish.

Last but not least, Lisa has provided us with some beautiful stitch diagrams to work with!

Everyone, this is an all-star line up!!  Beautifully executed and presented, this issue a must have!!

Please visit the Crazy Quilt Magazine website to to learn more about submitting articles and ordering your copy.


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