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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Aria For Christmas Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

I've had many requests for my retired counted cross stitch patterns.  I think I've mentioned that I'm one by one, republishing them into nice booklets over at Magcloud.

I'm pleased to announce that Aria For Christmas is now available again:

To order your copy, hop over to Kitty and Me on Magcloud.

Crazy Memento Quilt Block #7

Ya'll know how much I just love Spring!  Well block #7 is all about Spring!  Easter actually:

The little bunny in the bottom right corner is a pin that my friend Lula gave me one year.  She sent me so many lovely gifts over the years.  I never had the opportunity to meet her in person.  She lived in Maryland and I'm in Illinois.  We met online years and years ago when I was designing cross stitch.  We quickly became friends.  She was so sweet and kind.

The little chicks, eggs and carrots were a package of buttons that mom bought for me.  I'm sure you've seen them at the craft stores.

This is a really bright cheery block isn't it?

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Crazy Memento Quilt Block #6

The special item on this block is the spider pin:

My husband is always on the lookout at flea markets and antique shops for little bugs that I can use on my crazy quilt projects.  He bought me this one because of the purple rhinestones.  He knows I have a fondness for spiders too!

The trim on the right is vintage.  I found that last Summer at a flea market.

So that's the deal with this block.  A special gift from my husband.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Crazy Memento Quilt Block #5

Today I have Block #5 of my Crazy Memento Quilt:

The little watch at the bottom left was my grandmother's.  It was a pendant watch and I think my mom bought it for grandma.  I'll have to ask mom to be sure.

The butterfly is a pin that mom gave me years ago.  The pinback never worked right so I decided to use it on this quilt.

The lace flower applique was from my friend Lula.  She used to send me little things for my stitching all the time.  I had painted it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2017 Crazy Quilt Calendar Winners

I thought for today, I would announce the winners of the 2017 Crazy Quilt Calendar contest.

The cover winner is:  Connie Eyberg

January - Nina Burnsides
February - Linda Hopkins
March - Shannon Szkapi
April - Maria Mulder
May - Susan Shufelt
June -  Margaret Freeland
July - Kathleen Klein
August - Sharon Peters
September - Sally Mennella
October - Margreet de Reus
November - Jackie Keirnan Hale
December - Heather Mantz

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the contest!  The 2018 Crazy Quilt Calendar contest will be announced soon!

In the meantime, the 2017 Crazy Quilt Calendar will be released on September 1st!!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Now Accepting Ads For The 2017 Crazy Quilt Calendar!

We are now accepting Business Card Ads for the 2017 Crazy Quilt Calendar!!!

Please take advantage of the special price of $25.00 (offer is available only for this publication) to promote your business.  Deadline for Ads is Friday June 24th!  Please email me to place your ad.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Crazy Memento Quilt Block #4

Today I have block #4 of my Crazy Memento Quilt:

The little snowman was found in a box of things that belonged to Scott's grandmother.  She was so sweet!  And unfortunately, other than a few things that she made for me, I didn't have anything else from her that I could use on this quilt. 

After embellishing this block, I had to glue the snowman on using E6000 jewelry glue.

The little deer is a pin that I found at a flea market a few years back.  He's on a little spring so he moves around a little bit!  Too cute!  I think I only paid $1.00 for it.

The two trees at the top are from a beaded Christmas sweater that I found at a flea market for $5.00.  I bought it mostly for the beads but decided to keep a few of the trees to use.  I spent hours and hours taking the beads and sequins off of that sweater!

Here's a photo of Grandma and Grandpa Kellogg:

This photo was taken in 1934.  Grandma Kellogg was a tiny little lady.  And Scott's grandfather looks like a gangster in this photo, doesn't he?  Sign of the times!  LOL!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hearts And Flowers Biscornus Counted Cross Stitch Patterns

Back by popular demand are my Hearts And Flowers Biscornu Counted Cross Stitch patterns:

This pattern booklet is available at Magcloud.

I will release more of my counted cross stitch patterns as I have time.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Strip Quilted American Flag Pillow

Last week, I saw the cutest American Flag pillow on Facebook.  It was really screaming at me so I decided to make one.  It took me all day yesterday but it's all finished:

When I started on it, I decided to take photos of each step and post it on Facebook.  Everyone seemed to enjoy that so for today, I'm going to put the tutorial together here.

To start, the finished pillow is 14 inches wide X 10 inches high.  Using a ruler, I marked out the pattern on muslin.  I always work on a foundation when I do strip quilting.

My stripes are 1 inch.  I didn't measure the blue patch.  I just eye-balled it.

Using my 1930's reproduction prints, I cut strips 1 1/2 inches high by however long I needed them to fit the flag pattern.

When I mark my foundation fabric, I use a black permanent market.  The point of this is so I can see it through the back of the foundation.

I started at the bottom, sewed down the first strip and then worked my way up.  I should have taken more photos.  I actually line my strips up and then sew on the line on the back.  Then I flip the strip, pressed it and sewed down the next strip until I got to the top.

The next step was to top stitch narrow lace over the seams.  This gave the "flag" a softer, more vintage look.

Here, I cut a piece of blue fabric.  Added fusible web to the back and ironed it in place.  Then I top stitched that on the edges.

Over the edges of the blue fabric, I top stitched some lace and then a row of blue ric rack.

For the "stars", I hand sewed on some vintage Mother Of Pearl Buttons.

Now for finishing.  I trimmed my edges making sure the flag was squared up.

I always cut my backing fabric larger than my actual stitched or quilted piece. 

With right sides together and starting at the bottom, sew the front to the back leaving about 6 inches open at the bottom for turning right side out.  Trim the excess fabric.

Turn right side out and press the seams so that the pillow is flat.  Stuff firmly with polyester fiberfill and blind stitch the opening closed by hand.

And that's all there is too it!

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Memento Crazy Quilt Block #3

I don't have a great memory for this block.  Nothing extraordinary to share except that the little owl brooch was a found a flea market years ago for a few dollars.  I've been saving it for something for myself and thought it would be a nice addition to my Memory Crazy Quilt:

The flowers behind the owl pin was a piece of floral lace.  I wanted it to pop so I added sequins to the edges.  A surprise right?  Pam likes sequins?  LOL!!!!

Another thing I wanted to do with this crazy quilt was to use some of my button collection.  Over the years, I've picked up so many buttons at flea markets that I really need to use them!  So this block has a pretty button cluster on it which balances nicely with the owls.

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