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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pam's Challenge Block With Some Beads

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Ok, I can admit now that it's looking better. I started adding some beads last night. It still needs more work but it's better. I might take off that little red rosebud applique on the large green fan and replace it with a pink or white one. Looking at it here, it's a bit too red. I'll have to see what else is in my stash.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pam's Challenge Block

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Well, I think this is starting to look better! It needed some curves, some movement, so I first added the lace applique at the bottom of the floral print. It needed some more movement at the top so I added the vintage the daisy trim curving it as I sewed it on. Later today, I'll see what else I can do to improve it. I'm sure with some beads, buttons and other trinkets, it will come out fine. I really like what I've done so far but it has been a challenge. I spent more time staring at it yesterday than stitching on it!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pam's Challenge

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Well, I knew I would be finishing my Peacock Block shortly (and it is complete now) so last Thursday, I decided to sew up a few more blocks.

After a number of phone interuptions while trying to sew, this is what I came up with.

I'm not at all happy with it and I was so frustrated that I gave up on sewing and put everything away.

I was actually going to trash this block but my husband suggested that I take it as a challenge and see what I could do with it. So that's what I will do!

The floral piece in the center is a cotton print of vintage postcards. I bought a yard of it thinking they would be great for CQing. Not so sure now.

The bright pink is a Brocade, the cranberry color fabric is crushed velvet and the green is a cotton print with metallic gold sparklies on it.

The pins are there because I kind of got backed into a corner on this block and didn't have a way out. I'll have to hand applique that patch down.

Ok, so join me in yet another CQ Journey as I attempt to take a less than mediocre block and make it into something pleasing to the eye!

Jewelry Pieces For Crazy Quilting

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Another set of bargins for me! I found these clip earrings and they were 50% off of the marked price! Wow! And, they're in really nice shape. I almost hate to break the clip off the back but I bought them for Crazy Quilting so that's what I'll use them for.

Flea Market Finds - More Transfers!

Continuing on with my Flea Market treasures, I found a whole envelope full of these little floral designs.


For the large version, please click here.


For the large version, please click here.


For the large version, please click here.


For the large version, please click here.

I'm not sure what these would have been used for. Maybe clothing or baby things. But I can see some of them used on a Crazy Quilt!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Peacock Crazy Quilt Block Completed!

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
I just finished this a few moments ago! I really love sewing beads on! I added some small white pearl like beads and some tiny purple beads to the lace at the bottom, some green sead beads to the seam embroidery above the peacock and delica beads to the tiny holes in the lace where the purple beads are. I also sewed on a few silver star sequins to the blue trim on the top left.

I also did a simple floral motif to the blue patch above the peacock and last but not least, I added a bit of rayon floss to the peacock in a light shade of blue to highlight his little body and wing.

By the way, sorry for posting the large photos of my iron-on transfers. I meant to use the small ones but as usual, was trying to do too many things at once and my brain crashed for a moment!

Loulee's 2nd Embellishment Challenge Project!

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Well, Loulee is really enjoying the creative process! She's completed a 2nd design using the Embellishment Challenge Chart!

This is lovely Loulee! Thank you for allowing me to post a photo of your work.

Flea Market Treasures!! Transfers!!

Well, my husband Scott and I braved the extreme heat and high humidity yesterday and went to the Flea Market and Antique Show in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. We went out early, about 7:30 am and arrived shortly after 8:00.

Ooh, I found some really great goodies!! A bunch of Vintage Iron-on Transfers, some inexpensive costume jewelry pieces for my Crazy Quilts, a Vogart Embroidery Lesson Chart from 1946, a ton of unstitched stamped pillowcases, an unstitched stamped dresser scarf and last but not least, a Chicken Scratch Gingham Apron!

Over the next week or so, I'll share pictures of my treasures! I'll start with some of my transfers:



These 2 are Vintage (not new) Aunt Martha's transfers. Both envelopes are still sealed! I really like the "Poinsettia & Holly" designs. I'm not sure if I'll ever stitch the "Horses & Deer" designs or not. I bought that one because I didn't have it.


I love this one! I'd love to stitch every design on here!


Again, I bought this one because I didn't have it and it needed a good home! The only one I would probably stitch would be the flowers with the butterflies.


Now I just love this pattern and I actually already have it but it's a cut pattern and the bluebird on the violin is missing. This transfer is complete and uncut so that's why I bought this one.


And one more that I didn't have! I love poppies!

All of these are complete and uncut! I found some other misc. loose transfers as well and I will share them later this week.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Peacock CQ Block Continues

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
I didn't have alot of stitching time yesterday but I did finish the peacock feather. I also embroidered the seam above the peacock and I added some beads to the lace trim on the top right side.

We're planning on going to a flea market tomorrow (Sunday) morning if it isn't too terribly hot and then we have our nieces graduation party in the afternoon so I don't know if I'll have time to post an update or not. If not, I should have one for you on Monday.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Peacock CQ Block

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
I did alot of stitching on this block last night. Well, maybe it doesn't look like I did alot but I spent quite a few hours on it.

I finished adding the beads to the seam embroidery on the top left. Added beads to the seam embroidery on the bottom left. Added beads and sequins to the white scalloped lace, oh and some Swarovski crystals!

On the blue trim across the top, I added some blue glass pearl-like beads. On the right side, another piece of lace along with some vintage strung silver sequins.

Last but not least, I started embroidering the peacock feather on the light blue patch. It isn't complete yet. I plan to finish it later today. The feather is worked with 2 strands of DMC cotton floss along with 1 strand of Kreinik metallic gold and one strand of Kreinik metallic turquois. That was a challenge! Only due to stitching through the tracing paper. Oh but so sparkly!

More on this block tomorrow!

Janet's Embellishment Challenge Project

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
We have another Embellishment project today! Janet completed her piece yesterday. Janet doesn't care for extreme embellishment so her stitched heart is rather simple and quite charming if I may say so!

Janet found the little kitty in her jewelry box. It was a piece that she no longer wears and I think it's a lovely addition.

Thank you Janet for joining in on this fun project! You did great!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Peacock Crazy Quilt Block

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
No guesses huh? Well, the theme for this block is obvious now! The minute I finished sewing it, I knew I had to do a peacock.

A few weeks back, I bought the rhinestone earring at a flea market. When I saw it, it looked like a peacock tail to me and I knew this block would be perfect.

I sketched up the little peacock and traced him on tracing paper. I pinned the tracing paper to the black velveteen and outline stitched the peacock and the branches. Then I carefully pulled out the tracing paper using tweezers and then filled the peacock in with long and short stitches.

I added the rhinestone earring (after breaking off the clip on the back) but it still needed something. I went through my stash and found some eyelash yarn in the exact colors as the block! How lucky was that?!!

Today I'll work more on the seams. And I'll be adding an embroidered peacock feather to the light blue fabric on the right. I have some real peacock feathers but I think they're too big for that space.

More tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Blue CQ Block

CQ Blue
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Some of you may remember that I sewed up a couple of CQ blocks a few weeks back. I've already stitched the Pink/Green Block and the Pansy Block so now I'll be starting to embellish the blue block.

The black fabric in the center is Velveteen, the purple fabric is a Batik, the white with silver and the dark blue fabrics are both Brocades and the light blue fabric is a cotton with gold metallic sparklies on it.

I've finished my design work for the day so I'm off to fold a load of laundry and then stitch.

Judging by the colors,can anyone take a guess at what the theme will be for this block?

Embroidered Basket

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
I stitched up this little basket yesterday. I haven't rinsed or pressed it yet. I'd like to sew up a few more CQ blocks later this week and I might work this little piece into one.

Besides Crinoline Ladies, little flower filled baskets were a popular theme for embroidered linens back in the 30's and 40's.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Loulee's Embellishment Challenge Project

Another stitcher has finished her Embellishment Challenge Project! This is Loulee's stitched piece:

Loulee's Embellishment Challenge Project

I love this! It has a very classic Valentine's Day feel to it! Very creative Loulee!

Loulee has also sewn her project together and has posted a photo at my EZ Board. She has also included comments on her project which I'm sure you'll enjoy reading. You can find them here.

Thank you Loulee, for sharing your work with us!

Bead Embellished Bonnet Lady

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
I finished my little Bonnet Lady last night. With the exception of the hair, face and arms, all embroidery was worked with DMC Varigated threads. I replaced all of the French Knots with beads. Petite white Mill Hill beads are on the bodice and sleeves and the flower centers are glass seed beads.

On the transfer, the flowers on the hat looked like apples to me so I used some larger rosey pink beads there.

At the bottom of the dress, I added a piece of lace and again embellished it with some Mill Hill glass seed beads.

I'm not sure which manufacturer did this transfer design. It came in a batch of misc. loose transfers that I found at a flea market.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Days Of The Week Rooster Towels

You may remember back I was blogging on my EzBoard that I started a set of "Days Of The Week" towels with roosters. These were from a vintage Vogart set of transfers that I purchased from a seller at Ebay. The transfer was complete and uncut and in fact, the package was still sealed and never opened!


Well, I completed the the towels last week and over weekend, made time to rinse, press and starch them.








These are a gift for Christmas so now they're ready to pack away for the next few months.

I'm currently working on a crinoline lady. When I complete the project, I'll post it.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

More On Crinoline Ladies

There's been much discussion and interest in Crinoline Ladies on the CQ Embellishers Yahoo group. I did a little research on crinoline and was surprised to discover that the term crinoline actually refers to the hoop skirts that women wore in the mid 1800's! And crinoline skirts were made of horse hair! Yikes! I had no clue!

Crinoline is no longer made of horse hair, thank goodness! And now it actually refers to a type of fabric. It was used alot in the 50's under dresses to make them poofy. Rememeber the movie Grease?!!

For those of you interested in reading the eye-opening articles that I found, here are the links:


Victorian Era

For those of you interested in stitching some old-fashioned crinoline ladies, southern belles and bonnet ladies, Design Originals has published a wonderful book titled, "Ladies Of Leisure".

The book contains many reprinted iron-on transfer designs of all sorts of ladies, many of which are crinoline ladies. This book is in my collection and I promise, it could keep you stitching"pretty ladies in fancy dresses" for years! They're gorgeous!!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Pansy Block Is Complete!

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
I completed this block last night. As you can see, I added alot of beads! I started with some beadwork in the centers of the pansies to make them pop out more. I also added some beads to the seam embroidery.

I had planned on using some Mother Of Pearl buttons on this block but for some reason, they just didn't work. That kind of surprised me because they've worked on every other CQ piece I've done. I have tons of Mother Of Pearl buttons, in all different colors, but the white ones didn't look white on this block. They looked creamy colored and just didn't look right.

I kept looking at the block and my eye was being drawn away from the pansies and over to the ribbon motif on the right. I decided it needed something to pull the eye up from the ribbon motif so the eye would then move around the pansies.

I know the yellow rhinestone button is quite unexpected but it seemed to to be the best option. I tried some blue and some purple buttons and they just didn't work.

I also added on a pewter basket charm. I wasn't sure it showed up enough against the moss green fabric but now that it's daylight outside, I'm quite pleased with it and am sure I made the right choice.

CQ'ing isn't as spontaneous or random as one would think. I did alot of ripping on this block. I started embroidering seams only to find that the thread color didn't show up or the stitch was too small or too big. I sewed some do-dads on and ended up taking them off because they weren't complimentary.

I don't usually have a lot of trouble with my blocks. But this one was rather challenging.

This block is a gift for my mother. I will sew it into a doorknocker (pillow that hangs on a doorknob) for her sitting room. I need to pick up some twisted corded edging over the weekend. I hope to find some in purple but not sure they carry it. I might have to go with the moss green.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pansy CQ Block Continued

I spent a few more hours on this yesterday. I decided I was in the mood for SRE but unfortunately, didn't have the ribbons in the right purples or blues. So I sewed on a few purchased ribbon flowers and then did a bit of SR work. The SR isn't really embroidered on, but ratherI gathered some of the green and then stitched it down. The tiny purple SR flowers are also gathered beforehand and then sewn down. I added some purple beads to look like grapes and then some pearly white plastic leaves.


I hope you can also see that I sewed on alot of sequins! I can't find enough sparkly things! I also added several tiny rosebud appliques to the tatting.

Next, I plan to do some beadwork on the pansy fabric in the center so they pop out a little more.

Corticelli, Last But Not Least!

This is the end of my Corticelli booklet. There are several advertisements in it but this one is my favorite. Can you guess why?

This is the back cover.


For the large version, please click here.

This is the end of the booklet. There were some other ads, a page or two on crocheting and a list of "proper colors for flowers". Since my book is starting to fall apart, I've shared with you what I thought would apply most to embroidery and crazy quilting. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I've enjoyed sharing it with you. It's time to pack my booklet up and store it in a safe place. Now that the pages are stored in my computer, I can work from the files instead of having to handle the book.

Corticelli Patterns

Well, we're coming to the end of my Corticelli booklet! Here are the last 3 pattern pages. Wouldn't these be beautiful stitched on a Crazy Quilt!


For the large version, please click here.


For the large version, please click here.


For the large version, please click here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Corticelli Laundry Instructions

I almost forgot to post this page!


For a readable version, please click here.

106 years later, this is still the proper way to launder embroidery. I use Orvus rather than Ivory. For those of you who haven't heard of Orvus, it's an Equine Shampoo. To read more about it, visit Martha Beth Lewis' website.

More Color Plates From The Corticelli Booklet

Here are the last 3 color plates from my Corticelli booklet. I just think these are so beautiful!


For a larger version, please click here.


For a larger version, please click here.


For a larger version, please click here.

Pansy Block Embellishment Started

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
I worked on this for several hours yesterday. As you can see, the feather stitch is a favorite of mine!

I tried something different with the tatting. I had some #3 Perle Cotton that I hand overdyed a couple of weeks back. The colors looked great on this block. I did my usual simple tatted edging but along with the Perle Cotton, I added a strand of Kreinik #4 Braid in silver. I really like the way it looks! I might try this again with a #5 or #8 Perle Cotton!

Later today, I plan to add some SRE to the unfinished seam. If I feel like doing SRE. You know it's not my favorite type of embroidery to do so it will depend on the amount of patience I have at the time. If I don't feel like doing it, I'll sew on some prefinished ribbon flowers.

Usually, I add beads as I go along. Many CQer's avoid this as threads get caught on them. This time I decided I'd try covering all of the seams first and then start adding beads. Who knows, maybe I'll get some unexpected and pleasant results!

Pansy Crazy Quilt Block

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Some of you may remember from when I was blogging at my EZ Board, I sewed up a couple of 8 inch Crazy Quilt Blocks. I promised I would post my progress on each block as I embellish it. This is the Pansy block.

The dark green is crushed velvet, the dark purple fabric is brocade, the light green is a shimmery cotton, the pansy fabric is cotton with metallic silver outlining the pansies and light purple fabric is a cotton with shiny threads running through it. The light purple fabric was left over from my prom dress. My mother made it for me. That was 1980. Yikes! Is it vintage yet?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Kay Susan's Embellishment Challenge Project Side 2

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
This is side 2 of Kay Susan's project. How creative! I love her use of fancy stitches and beads. Goes to show how a stitcher can do alot with a handful of pretty threads!

Thank you Kay Susan for doing this project and sharing it with us. You did a lovely and very creative job!

Kay Susan's Embellishment Challenge Side 1

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Kay Susan has completed her Embellishment Challenge project! She actually stitched the design twice, one in Spring colors and one in Autumn colors. She made a little bag putting one on one side and one the other side.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Last Page of Stitch Diagrams.

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Next time I'll share the "How To Launder Embroidered Linens" page with you.

For a larger version, please click here.

There's also a rather large section devoted to "Correct Colors For Flowers". I'm not sure how interesting you would find this to be since the color #'s suggested are for Corticelli threads. There are more patterns and a few more Color Plates so I'll share those next time.

In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying this booklet.

More later!

More Stitches continued

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Another page of stitch diagrams.

For a larger version, please click here.

More On Stitches

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Take a close look at Fig. VI g. Has anyone else known the feather stitched to be referred to by these names?

For a larger version, please click here.

More On Stitches

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Back to the embroidery stitches.

For a larger version, please click here.
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