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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Decorating For Christmas

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm almost done with my shopping and my Christmas decorating is all done now! 

I think Scott and I have decided to forgo a tree.  My Cotton just doesn't leave anything alone!  I will explain shortly.

Here's a photo of my antique Hoosier cabinet in my kitchen:

The cabinet was our first big purchase a few years after we were married.  We bought it a flea market.  The poor thing was covered with 6 layers of paint in every color you could imagine.

Scott spend 6 months stripping it.  The back was damaged so he had to replace that.  It also had water damage on the legs so he sanded them until he got past the water stains.  This one of my prize possessions! 

My mom made these cute little rag dolls back in the 90's.  She has a set too.  I made a bunch of the little snowmen for a craft show years ago.  The vintage cat figurine is a gift from a neighbor after I lost my little Simba.  He looked just like this little.  I never put it away.

I've had this little 2 foot Christmas tree since I was in High School.  The little picket fence box was made by my dad for my Wedding Shower.  Mom had it filled with pretty pastel flowers.  I eventually put the little tree in it.  The santa at the top is a vintage Avon pin.  I've redecorated this tree several times.  Last year it had a more Victorian look but this year I went with the classic country farmhouse look.

These little towels are vintage.  I found them at an antique mall about 10 years ago.  I thik they're from the 50's.  I only paid a few dollars for them.

This is my little Noah's Ark.  I haven't had it out in years because I was afraid the cats would mess with it. 

I bought this as a kit from Herrschner's back in the 90's.  I actually bought and painted 2 of them.  One for me and one for mom.

As you can see, I painted it in traditional country colors and "oldened" the ark and the animals.  The top of the ark comes off for storage of the little critters.

Here's a closeup.  I have this on my DVD cupboard in my living room.

Back to the cats, I just put this out yesterday.  And then spent an hour this morning crawling around on the floor looking for one of the giraffes.  I guess I'm going to have to put the animals in the ark at night and bring them out again in the mornings.   My cats seem to think my house is a free for all at night!

I also have to cover my little tree on the Hoosier cabinet.  Cotton has been pulling it apart at night.

So that's why we probably won't get a tree this year.  I love these kitties but they drive me nuts!  I don't know how to break them of messing with everything.  I keep a spray bottle out which they know when they see it that I mean business!!!  But it just doesn't deter them when we're sleeping!

If I remember, I'll post photos of a few other things when I have time.

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