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Friday, July 07, 2006

100 Details in 100 Days - Day 17

Continuing on with seam treatments, I've charted several more blackwork designs for you. Try these in metallic gold or white on black. That would certainly be a stunning accent to your crazyquilt projects!

Blackwork 4

1 1/4 inch wide on 8.5 count waste canvas

Blackwork 5

1 inch wide on 8.5 count waste canvas

Blackwork 6

3/4 inch wide on 8.5 count waste canvas

A NOTE ON COPYRIGHT - please remember that I own the copyright on these designs. You may print them up and recreate them in stitches for your own personal use and enjoyment and stitchers are always welcome to post photos of their stitched pieces using my designs on the internet or whereever they wish, however, my patterns are not to be republished in any form whatsoever.

1 comment:

pat winter said...

Thank you so much. I must offer little gifties for readers in my blog. This is a great idea.After I do the tutorials of course......

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