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Monday, October 03, 2005

A Productive Day On Sunday

Now that my All That Jazz block is under way, I spent yesterday morning doing the finishing on 5 projects on my sewing machine. Four of them were Christmas gifts and I feel good that I have those projects done now.

I've been wanting to do some simple embroidery so I pulled out my transfers, my lightbox and my stash of bleached muslin and I spent a few hours tracing some things to stitch.


This one is a Vogart from a set of towels and other small kitchen designs. I love these little animated things. I'll make it into a doorknocker for my kitchen.


Another from my collection of Vogart transfers. I didn't think to scan the envelopes when I had them out. Anyway, this one was for a towel too but will be another little doorknocker.


This is a Superior transfer from a set of 6 towel designs. Ok, another doorknocker.


This one is another Vogart pattern for pillowcases. I just love this little bird on the violin. I bought prefinished white pillowcases from Walmart.


You may remember that I stitched this one once already, earlier this Summer. I love this little design so much so I'm going to do it again. I don't know which pattern company did this design. This is a set of 7 towel designs but 1 is missing. They came in a batch of loose transers that I bought from Ebay. Yes, this will be another doorknocker. I really like making them. I have them hanging all over my house!

So later today, when I finish my work, I'll most likely do some more stitching on my All That Jazz block. I'm feeling much more clear on what I want to do with it so it should start to progress more quickly now.


Calidore said...

If it isn't a silly question - how do you make your door knockers? I love the idea of hanging those georgeous stitcheries on door knobs - but confess to being at a loss as to how to constuct them although they are probably very simple.

Pam Kellogg said...

IT's not a silly question at all. The next I have one to sew up, I'll take photos as I go and write directions for them to post here. It may be a little while but I make tons of them so once I have a few stitched, I'll get the info posted here.

Calidore said...

Thank you, that would be fantastic.

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