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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Doing Some More Cleaning!

Sometimes I just get a bee in my bonnet and once I get going, I just can't stop! I've been doing some more cleaning. Moved all the furniture in my living room yesterday and vacuumed everything, even the corners! I just can't wait to rip that carpet out and replace it with hardwood floors! It's the only room we haven't put hardwood in yet. I really can't find enough negative words to describe how I feel about carpeting.

I started washing the windows in my kitchen on Friday but I can't reach the garden window without the ladder which I can't lift to get out of the garage so I'm at the mercy of my husband! I'm hoping he'll do it for me. I'm getting ready to go wash the windows in my car and Scott's car now. If he gets me an extention cord, I can vacuum the floors in the cars too!

Hopefully, I'll time to stitch later, while the Chicago White Sox win their trip to the World Series!

1 comment:

~Vicki said...

You ARE an industrious one! Do you still want to come live with me? I could use someone who does windows!

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