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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Christmas Block Day 5

Christmas Block Day5
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
As you can see, I didn't accomplish much on this block yesterday. I did the Maidenhair Stitch on the left side of the poinsettia and added a few beads and that's about it.

This block seems to need alot of thought. One would think a Victorian style Christmas block would be easy but instead, I find myself staring it for long periods of time, trying to decide on what to do next.

I do know that the poinsettia needs to be toned down a bit. I will probably hand color it with oil pastels once the stitching is complete.

Hopefully, I'll have more to share tomorrow.

1 comment:

kay susan said...

Pam, I like the poinsettia as it is, it makes a lovely contrast and a focus for the block.

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