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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Vintage vs Antique

Linda at Chloe's Place has posed an interesting question, "What is Vintage and what is Antique"? What really blows my mind about this question is that I was thinking of including my thoughts on this last week before I got side tracked!

Well, my husband is currently restoring a 1929 Ford Model A Tudor so this is how he explained it to me regarding old cars:

Antique means 50 years or older. So at this point, anything made in or before 1955 is considered to be antique.

Vintage means 25 years old to 49 years old. So anything made from 1956 - 1980 is considered to be vintage.

Hmmmm......I would hardly consider anything made in 1980 to be vintage but that's just me! I graduated from High School in 1980. Yikes!

Anyway, I'm not sure if this applies to needlework, kitchen collectibles or anything else but that's how it works with cars.

1 comment:

Linda said...


I am an antique!!!!!

(And it is Vintage and Veteran I was think about with cars - I think Vintage here might be fifty years old and Veteran the lesser).

Be interested to know - thanks for that. :)

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