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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Another Chicken Scratch Heart

I decided to experiment with some different threads. For this heart, I used some varigated purple/pink embroidery floss along with 2 strands of Blending Filament for the outside border. For the snowflaking, I used 2 strands of white cotton floss with 2 strands of BF. I don't think I would recommend this for a beginner! I've been stitching with BF since the early 80's and I've never had so much trouble with it. I think I'll try some #4 braid next time. I must say, it's quite sparkly even though it doesn't really show up here well.

Since most of my early blogging over at my EZ Board is now gone due to their being attacked last week, I'll include the photos of the first 2 hearts I did as well.


A said...

Your hearts all look very beautiful; again, I love the colors and textures! Very vibrant!

Linda said...

I do love the way you are mixing chicken scratch with other techniques. Can you imagine some stumpwork on there??? (Stumpwork is what is over at my blog - I think you were asking)

Linda said...


wrong link for my stumpwork

Grangry said...


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