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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kellogg - The Story Behind My Husband's Name

I was planning to share this story with you yesterday but then EZ Board went down and then I decided to move my blogging over here so I'll share it with you now!

I know I've told this story during one of our Sat. afternoon live chats but I don't think everyone knows. My husband Scott is related to the Kellogg's of Battle Creek Michigan!

Scott is the great, great, great nephew of W.K. (William Keith) Kellogg who invented Corn Flakes! How cool is that?!!

Because of this really neat fact, we are always on the look out for vintage Kellogg's collectables. Several years ago, while poking around in an antique shop, I found this great magazine ad.

As you can see, the ad shows a sampler hanging on the wall. Well, I knew I could chart it so I bought the ad and thought it would make a great gift for my father in law who also collects Kellogg's items. He of course, is W.K.'s great, great nephew!

Anyway, I charted the sampler, stitched it on Vintage Linen from Wichelt Imports Inc., framed it and gave it to my father in law for Christmas one year. He loved it!

2 years ago, after repainting my kitchen, I decided to stitch it again for myself.

It now hangs over a Barrister cabinet in my kitchen along with a reproduction tin sign.

I thought you might all enjoy that story!


Linda said...

Oooooooooh, I can spot the difference *waving frantically*

In the picture of the original advert, behind the bowl, the tiger is licking his lips on one side, and in the tiny packet below it, he is licking his lips on the other side.


Janet said...

Very Interesting story Pam!

The old advertisement, much have been a splendid find.

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