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Saturday, June 18, 2005

More On Crinoline Ladies

There's been much discussion and interest in Crinoline Ladies on the CQ Embellishers Yahoo group. I did a little research on crinoline and was surprised to discover that the term crinoline actually refers to the hoop skirts that women wore in the mid 1800's! And crinoline skirts were made of horse hair! Yikes! I had no clue!

Crinoline is no longer made of horse hair, thank goodness! And now it actually refers to a type of fabric. It was used alot in the 50's under dresses to make them poofy. Rememeber the movie Grease?!!

For those of you interested in reading the eye-opening articles that I found, here are the links:


Victorian Era

For those of you interested in stitching some old-fashioned crinoline ladies, southern belles and bonnet ladies, Design Originals has published a wonderful book titled, "Ladies Of Leisure".

The book contains many reprinted iron-on transfer designs of all sorts of ladies, many of which are crinoline ladies. This book is in my collection and I promise, it could keep you stitching"pretty ladies in fancy dresses" for years! They're gorgeous!!


Gina E. said...

Pam, what fascinating things you do find! I have looked at all the links, 'bookmarked' them for future reference (and will probably print a hard copy to keep with my linen collection info. folder), and as soon as I get my tax refund (crossing fingers here..) I plan to send for two books from the Design Originals catalogue. The Ladies of Leisure, and another one of vintage stuff. Thanks for putting all that on your Blog - keep it coming! Incidentally, I have just received a CD from Linda, with the photos she took of some of my aprons. I will be putting them on my blog in the next few days, hopefully.

Pamela Kellogg said...

Hi Gina,

I'm glad you enjoyed those links. I did too!

You'll love the Design Originals books. I have everyone they've done in the series on Vintage embroidery. They full of wonderful vintage transfer designs and are a great resourse for dating your vintage linens. You wouldn't be sorry with any of them!


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