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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pam's Challenge Block With Some Beads

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Ok, I can admit now that it's looking better. I started adding some beads last night. It still needs more work but it's better. I might take off that little red rosebud applique on the large green fan and replace it with a pink or white one. Looking at it here, it's a bit too red. I'll have to see what else is in my stash.


Grangry said...

I love the way you've embellished the lace. Beats me how you can dislike it in the first place, when you know it will be a completely animal when you've finished with it! What is it those dreadful businessmen say 'There are no problems, just windows of opportunity'! (Oh, your DH isn't one of those, is he?)

Pamela Kellogg said...

Thanks Kay Susan! No, my husband is a car guy. He's a Ford Tech.

For some reason, I just didn't care for it when I pieced it but I'll admit, that it's getting better. I think maybe I was just so annoyed with all the phone interuptions that day that I wouldn't have liked anything I sewed! I'm sure in another day or so, it'll look fine to me.

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