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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pansy CQ Block Continued

I spent a few more hours on this yesterday. I decided I was in the mood for SRE but unfortunately, didn't have the ribbons in the right purples or blues. So I sewed on a few purchased ribbon flowers and then did a bit of SR work. The SR isn't really embroidered on, but ratherI gathered some of the green and then stitched it down. The tiny purple SR flowers are also gathered beforehand and then sewn down. I added some purple beads to look like grapes and then some pearly white plastic leaves.


I hope you can also see that I sewed on alot of sequins! I can't find enough sparkly things! I also added several tiny rosebud appliques to the tatting.

Next, I plan to do some beadwork on the pansy fabric in the center so they pop out a little more.

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