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Monday, June 27, 2005

Flea Market Treasures!! Transfers!!

Well, my husband Scott and I braved the extreme heat and high humidity yesterday and went to the Flea Market and Antique Show in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. We went out early, about 7:30 am and arrived shortly after 8:00.

Ooh, I found some really great goodies!! A bunch of Vintage Iron-on Transfers, some inexpensive costume jewelry pieces for my Crazy Quilts, a Vogart Embroidery Lesson Chart from 1946, a ton of unstitched stamped pillowcases, an unstitched stamped dresser scarf and last but not least, a Chicken Scratch Gingham Apron!

Over the next week or so, I'll share pictures of my treasures! I'll start with some of my transfers:



These 2 are Vintage (not new) Aunt Martha's transfers. Both envelopes are still sealed! I really like the "Poinsettia & Holly" designs. I'm not sure if I'll ever stitch the "Horses & Deer" designs or not. I bought that one because I didn't have it.


I love this one! I'd love to stitch every design on here!


Again, I bought this one because I didn't have it and it needed a good home! The only one I would probably stitch would be the flowers with the butterflies.


Now I just love this pattern and I actually already have it but it's a cut pattern and the bluebird on the violin is missing. This transfer is complete and uncut so that's why I bought this one.


And one more that I didn't have! I love poppies!

All of these are complete and uncut! I found some other misc. loose transfers as well and I will share them later this week.


Janet said...

Wow Pam! you found all that neat stuff at a flea market, how lucky! I haven't seen a flea market in my area, for almost ten used to be held at the Drive-in theatre on weekends, till the Drive-in closed. There used to be good bargains there.


Gina E. said...

They are great, Pam! What a lovely assortment. The difference between you having them and me having them is that you will probably actually stitch some of the designs, whereas I just admire them and put them in the cupboard with my evergrowing pile of SINS :(

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