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Monday, January 09, 2006

Valentine Ornaments

I was so taken with Linda's little angel Christmas ornaments using one of her Dover books that I decided to put one of my Dover books to good use!

Dover Book

I scanned 6 of the little Victorian pictures, gave them a pastel clouded background and printed all 6 on a sheet of printer fabric. I cut them apart and worked them into 5 inch blocks. After re-reading Linda's post today, she made hers 4 inches square. Oh well, 5 inches isn't that much bigger!

Valentine Ornament 1

Valentine Ornament 2

Valentine Ornament 3

Valentine Ornament 4

Valentine Ornament 5

Valentine Ornament 6

I can't imagine that these will take any too long to stitch up. I found it difficult to work on such a small scale when foundation piecing so I wonder if I'll run into the same issue when stitching on them. I guess I'll find out soon. I plan to start on one later today. I'll post my progress as usual.

1 comment:

Chloe said...

Looking good - the only thing you probably can't see from mine, and I can't tell rom yours - I leave enough foundation around them to fit in a six inch hoop, and then they are really easy to work with.

I would hate to be working on them if I had nothing else to hold onto.

Nice idea, Valentine ornaments. :) They look good.

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