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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Valentine Ornament 1 Complete

I just completed this. I thought I would have some troubles working on a small scale but as it turns out, I didn't. I actually love the fact that it went so quickly! Nice to have some instant gratification sometimes!

I also sewed the borders on my large Valentine block that I was working on back at Christmas. Next I'll have to pull out some lace to frame the block and hand sew that on.

And, I sewed up that little doorknocker. The one with the animated kitchen things. I took photos of the process and as soon as I make time to get the photos from the camera to here, I'll post the finishing directions.

Now I'll start on Valentine ornament #2!


Chloe said...


(I know that doesn't make much sense, but you know what I mean. I'm in pickles-making mode, so constructive comment mode is turned off)

Gina E. said...

Yippee! I have been waiting patiently for you to post details about your 'door knockers' - last mentioned back in October! I have been dying to find out what they are and how you make them!

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