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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Good Luck Block Day 5

Good Luck Block Day 5
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
More progress on the Good Luck block. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to keep the seam treatments light and airy. The crocheted shamrock that will go in the center is delicate and I didn't want to over power that with heavy seam embellishments.

I added the spider web in the upper left hand corner. The Victorians believed that spiders were good luck so I felt it appropriote for this block. I did the web with a sparkly pearl thread by The Caron Collection and then added the pink spider.

My signature is in the bottom left hand corner and I found a pretty key pin in my junk jewelry from my flea market trips.

I don't feel I can go any further on this block until my mom has time to crochet the little shamrock for me. She said she would do it this week sometime. Once I have that on, I can figure out what else it needs or doesn't need.

I really wish you could all see these in person. They are so sparkly! And the sparkles just don't show up on the scanner.

Anyway, I'll figure out what else I want to work on in the meantime. And I still want to share some of the beautiful handmade gifts I received for Christmas. Maybe I'll get the little computer out later and transfer photos from the digi.

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