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Monday, February 09, 2009

Crazy Quilt Spider Webs

I completed Button Block #34 yesterday:

Button Block 34

When I do my spider webs, I do what I call "mock couching". My spider webs are all free-hand. I work the long spokes of the web first, starting in the center. Then, when doing the short spokes of the web, I come up on one side of a long spoke and down with my needle on the opposite side of the next long spoke. This will hold the long spokes in place without couching them all down individually. Saves a lot of time! Click on the image to go to my Flickr site where you can see the large version. You should be able to see the stitches.

Remember, that most spider webs are not perfect! The more imperfect they are, the more realistic they look!

For the spider, I sew down a big bead, running my thread through the bead twice. I then do the same with the small bead. Then, I run the thread through both beads which again, holds them in place and keeps them in alignment with each other. Finally, I do the legs last.

For the buttons on this block, I used a mixture of new and vintage glass buttons, antique metal buttons and a few modern plastic buttons. Mixing them up adds visual interest so don't be afraid to play! Again, clustered buttons are more interesting to look than just one here or there. You can also layer buttons. Look for the square button and notice that I sewed an antique metal button on top of it. That gives the cluster some dimension. And for buttons with holes in them, I always fill those holes with seed beads. That adds a bit more sparkle as well as giving them a nice finished look.

Finally for today, here are pages #6 & 7 of my Needlecrafts Embroidery & Fancywork Catalog from the 1930's:

Needlecrafts Embroidery & Fancywork Catalog Page 6

Needlecrafts Embroidery & Fancywork Catalog Page 7



Anonymous said...

Wonderful spider-web! These blocks are turning out so beautifully. Have you put them side by side recently to see how gorgeous it is?

Kim said...

Beautiful, as always! I love how you made the spider web the focal point of this block!

AngelDoll said...

Absolutely breath-takingly usual sure got the creative touch!

Happy Spring and Happy Sewing!

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