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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Themed Crazy Quilt Purses

I spent most of my day yesterday doing some finishing. I still have quite a few stitched pieces that need to be sewn up. Finishing does not go quickly but I did accomplish quite a bit!

First is my Pink Lady Purse:

Pink Lady Purse

I stitched this one before Thanksgiving and wanted it for Valentine's Day so I got it together just in time!

The lace is antique and I hand-dyed it and the pin on the right-hand side is vintage.

The next purses have never been seen before. I made them quite awhile ago and had intended on submitting them to a magazine. I've since decided to keep them. First is the Yellow Rose Purse:

Yellow Rose Purse

The yellow rose is from a vintage machine embroidered handkerchief. The crystals are from a vintage necklace that I took apart and the green bug is a vintage pin.

Last but not least is my Grapes Purse:

Grape Purse

I found that bunch of grapes at Michaels and I knew I had to do something with it! Again, I hand dyed the lace at the bottom. The grapes on the lattice-work trim at the top right are from a vintage bracelet that I took apart.

All beads, sequins, lace and embellishments are sewn on by hand. The borders are my own charted borders from both my book and my own personal collection.

I do accept custom purse orders. More information can be found here.

Well, I thought my readers would enjoy some eye candy for today. I used my Pink Lady purse this morning and the ladies at the Post Office were in love with it!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Raphaela said...

I just saw your lovely purses - they are really wonderful - and thought about buying your e-book so that I can improve my own skills. But I had to learn that your book is sold. How can that happen? Will you make it available again?

Allison Ann Aller said...

These are just ravishing, Pam!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course everyone fell in love with it! It's gorgeous. I'm not a yellow person, but I really have to say that the yellow one is, surprisingly, my favorite of the three. I know you had to feel the sunshine when you made that one.

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