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Friday, February 06, 2009

More On Beading Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments

Yesterday, I painted the lace and did some more beading on this:

Button Block 34

The cream lace was way too bright for this block. Generally, I paint my lace as I need it. I don't usually do a bunch of it at one time.

Another way to decide on where to put beads is to look for gaps. Empty spaces just scream for beads! Notice the bottom right-hand border. I added a few large beads in between the round beads.

When using sequins on lace or appliques, overlap your sequins a bit like I did on the leaves. It looks nicer than having gaps between the sequins and adds more sparkle.

Here are pages 4 & 5 of my Needlecrafts Embroidery & Fancywork Catalog:

Needlecrafts Embroidery & Fancywork Catalog Page 4

Needlecrafts Embroidery & Fancywork Catalog Page 5

Be sure to click on the images to go to my Flickr site where you can see the large versions. The cutwork designs are gorgeous!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd love to have one of those sweet pea pillowcases! How cool. Your block is so interesting. If you hadn't pointed out the sequin overlap, I wouldn't have noticed it, because I had to look hard to see where they were. I love the seam that looks like a harp.

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