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Monday, April 16, 2007

Peacock Heart

I worked on this a bit last night. As you can see, I have the peacock embroidered on here. I used 3 strands of DMC cotton floss and then highlighted the wing with some Kreinik #4 braid in a light lavender color.

Heart CQ

Looking at it now, the peacock does not "pop" like I want it to. Does any one know what the "fix" is for this? There's always a way to fix something. I'll be outlining it with metallic gold thread.

In other news, I ran up to Hobby Lobby this past Saturday and picked up some white Kona Cotton and a nice red Gingham like fabric to make my custom apron order. Today, I will pull my vintage iron-on transfers out so I can get myself ready for stitching. Once the stitching is complete, I'll do the assembly work on my sewing machine. Stop by tomorrow to see the fabrics and transfer design.


Sue Brown said...

The gold metallic thread outline may just do the trick to make that bird pop...

Sue in western WA

loulee1 said...

Well, he looks just fine to me, but he's your birdie.

rerussell said...

You could make 'feathers' on the peacock using a strand of blending filament and placing staight stitches as needed to give the illusion of light playing on peacock and adding depth.

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