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Monday, September 18, 2006

Clover Block

I didn't have alot of stitching time over the past few days. I've put some serious mileage on my sewing machine! But I did manage to hand-paint the clover applique, the lily-of-the-valley lace and the crocheted shamrock that my mom did for me. I've also sewn them onto the block now so I'm ready to do some more stitching.

Clover Block

I mentioned the Cast-On stitch in my Day 90 post. I've been struggling with it since Sharon shared that detail with us. I've been studying her tutorial on it and I'm bound and determined to get the hang of it! I want to do some shamrock's with it on this block so I am going to try again. Yes, I could just do tatted clovers or shamrocks but why should I let a stitch elude me? Wish me luck! No pun intended! Ha, ha, ha!


Susan said...

The clover piece is wonderful. I'll be studying it in detail. The cast on stitch will not beat you!

Pam Kellogg said...

Thanks Susan! I'm going to get the hang of that yet!

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