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Friday, September 21, 2007

Cornucopia Doorknocker

I've almost completed my current gift project and since it's a bit large, I thought I'd plan on a quick little doorknocker next:

Cornucopia Doorknocker

This is a little do-dad to give to my mom just because. She loves the Autumn season. Heaven knows why! All the good stuff leaves this time of year. The flowers, warm weather, the robins...I was devastated this morning when I realized that my hummingbirds are gone now. They've headed south for the Winter. The last one I saw was on Wednesday afternoon. And baseball leaves too. Thankfully, my Cubbies are in 1st place. Maybe this will be a lucky year and I'll have a few extra weeks of baseball.

Sorry everyone, ya'll know how I feel about Winter. I can't stand it. One of my dreams is to have a Winter house in Florida so I don't have to put up with the snow and cold.

Anyway, I'll start on this little project later today.

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Michele said...

Pam, I just wanted to leave a short note telling you how much I appreciate you sharing yourself with us. I was up north this weekend and could not wait to get homje and see what you posted!! Thank you again for all you do. I love the colors in your new doorknocker. Michele

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