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Saturday, September 08, 2007

And More Crazy Quilting.....

I finished up the Lady With Roses quilt yesterday:

Lady With Roses

I honestly don't know why my stuff never looks straight in my photos. It is a perfect rectangle! It just doesn't look that way.

When I finished that, I completed the stitching on the green comfort cat:

Green Comfort Cat

If I can get in a sewing day this week, I'll sew this up with the redwork comfort cat and get these off to Pat next weekend.

I also started the stitching on my mom's Christmas gift:

Great Grandmother

I might move that applique over a little bit. It's only pinned on at the moment. I'll get the seams covered first before I sew it down.

We're going to a flea market in the morning so you may not hear from me again until Monday. Hopefully, I'll have some cool stuff to share with you then!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jo in NZ said...

Pam, is that you in the print??

Melusine said...

Thank you ... thank you ... thank you. My favourite bag is dying and I have to replace it. I've decided to do a red and black one and wanted a ladybird cross stitch design for the central panel. Could I find one in all my reference books or papers? Nope. Then I thought of you and checked out your flickr account and there is the bug I need. So thank you once again.

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