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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Almost Done With Great Grandmother Block

It was a rainy dreary day here yesterday. I kind of felt like baking something but I don't have anything here to bake with and we wouldn't eat it anyway so I stitched. Whenever I get a bee in my bonnet to bake something, I give it to my neighbors. Anyway, this is almost done:

Great Grandmother

I'll add my little Kitty & Me kitty later today and then I'll sew up on my next sewing day.

When I finish that, I'll work up one more little Comfort Cat Doll to send to Pat:

Gold Cat

These don't take me long at all. In fact, I'll probably complete this today. At least I think I will! I hand-painted some ribbons this morning. They're sitting on the countertop in the kitchen air drying. Hopefully, they'll be dry by the time I'm done working on my computer and then I can iron them.

1 comment:

Susan said...

So, it isn't that you can't bake, just that you don't eat that sugary stuff? I love your GGM block. She was so beautiful, and the laces you have put on there are just perfect for an old-fashioned look, while still looking great for today. Thanks for sharing her.

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