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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Update On Dragonfly Purse

I didn't post an update yesterday because I didn't have much to show. I had a few hours of stitching time yesterday so here's an update:

Dragonfly Purse

It doesn't quite fit on the scanner but it's enough for you to see.

I've done quite a bit of beading on it but still have a lot of places to stitch and add more beads. The dragonfly is on there now and I would like to say thank you to Jo in NZ for her tutorial on doing the sequined flowers. You can find the directions on Jo's blog. If you download the pattern from her site, please take a moment to thank her. They are really fun and easy to do and make a lovely addition to a vine!

We're still working on our living room but it's coming along nicely. Today, we're hanging crown trim up at the ceiling. It looks wonderful! I do expect to have some stitching time later so stop by tomorrow for another update.


Geri said...

I am always pleasantly amazed at the transformation that occurs on your blocks .... It's kind like life ... a change of perspective ... awesome as always, and never boring :)

patternnuts said...

Beautiful Pam!

Anonymous said...

Pam, the brown dragonfly you sent me is wonderful!! Thanks, too, for the extra goodies....I'll certainly find good places for them.
Unfortunately, I already threw away the envelope with your snail address. If you'd send it to me, I found a couple of things in my "stash" that I bet you'd like. Ginger

Gerry said...

I'm not generally a "BLUE" person but this is just lovely!

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