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Monday, April 02, 2007

Progress On Dragonfly Purse

I had quite a bit of stitching time yesterday afternoon so I made a lot of progress on this:

Dragonfly Purse

I finished beading the lace applique, I beaded the little fan stitch on the bottom-right and added a silver butterfly from my friend Bennie. I may take him off though and turn him in the other direction. He's in the same direction as the dragonfly and I didn't think about that when I sewed him on.

I'd like to add a spider web. Yes, you know I love to do those! I need to decide where to put kitty and I'm thinking of added a piece of lace at the bottom on the left.

I so wish you could all see this in person! The dimension and the sparkle is so lost in the scan.

I was asked if the pink fabric in the middle was hand-painted. No, it's silk but it's commercial fabric. I have some in blue too. I think it came from JoAnn Fabric store.

In other news, we have most of the Crown trim up now. I believe we only have 2 big pieces left to hang and 3 small pieces. Once it's all up and the nail holes are filled, I can go around with the paint and touch it up. All that's left after that are some silly small things like, the risers on the steps. Yes, I'm still wondering why I painted those barn red!

Anyway, I've been able to put some of my things out again so it doesn't feel so cold and empty anymore. Scott hung my quilt shelf for me so my Lucky quilt is now up. Boy, did I miss that quilt! But now, I find myself staring at it instead of doing what I should be doing! Ha, ha, ha!!!

I'll have another update for you tomorrow on the Dragonfly Purse. And if I can get my chores done early enough, I may have a few more dragonflies to put in my Etsy shop!


loulee1 said...

The butterfly is very pretty Pam, but I think I agree with you, I'd turn it a little too. I love this purse, it's soooo pretty.

Susan said...

You've made a lot of progress on that house. It must feel almost like a new home now!

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