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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Inside Story Of A Handbag - 1945 Article

I came across this republished article yesterday. It's about the contents of womens handbags in 1945.

I was rather amused by it and thought you would enjoy it as well.

In Victorian days, it was considered "lady-like" to carry as little as possible. interesting! I would have fit right in then! I only carry my wallet, my keys and a chapstick in my purse. I guess that's why I can get away with a small handbag. And by now, I'm sure you know my motto when it comes to purses:

If it isn't embellished, what's the point!!!



Anonymous said...

i guess you don't have any children. Along with them come, band-aids,handi-wipes, gum, chapstick, pencil and paper, Wet Ones, Kleenex almost forgot that one. And a bundh of other stuff.
Mine are grown, so I have gone down to a nice compact purse that holds alot. June

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi June, No, I don't have any children and thankfully when I leave the house, my kitties can stay home by themselves! I keep a box of Kleenex in each of our vehicles along with a pack of the antibacterial handwipes. That's why I get away with small purses. I never liked having to carry a bunch of stuff with me so I just don't.

loulee1 said...

My bags come in all shapes and sizes! I swap and change as necessary, a tiny one when all I nned is my phone and my keys, something larger fo other occasions. I loved reading the article and have printed a copy for a colleague who loves my collection, but does not understand it.

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