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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bird Rescue

About an hour ago, I was in my kitchen and heard a huge thump on one of my living room windows. I looked out, and laying on the ground was a beautiful Flicker bird which is a member of the Woodpecker family. I immediately ran outside in hopes of helping him.

He was still breathing so I sat down and started talking to him, telling him that was fine, that he hit the window hard and was just a bit stunned.

His eyes kept opening and closing so I started petting him. Birds are so soft! Anyway, he began to perk up a bit. It didn't appear to me that his wings were broken but I wasn't sure about his neck. I kept visualizing him being ok and flying away but after a few minutes, he was still quite out of it.

I ran in the house, grabbed a box and some old towels and then went back out. Again, he was still breathing, and starting to move his head around a bit so I assumed that his neck wasn't broken. I talked to him some more, kept petting him and then gently picked him up and put him in the box and carried him to the front porch.

Flicker Bird 1

I sat the box on the chair and just talked to him and kept petting his little head and slowly but surely, he started to move around some more.

Flicker Bird 3

As you can see, this little guy was quite out of it but after awhile, I noticed as I started to move around, walking back and forth a bit on the porch, he started watching me which I think perked him up some more. After a few more minutes, he stood up, and flew into my maple tree.

I just checked on him and he's still sitting in the same spot in the tree but he was looking around, I saw him stretch his wings a little and I heard him chattering. All of which I believe are good signs that he'll be ok. I'll keep you posted.


loulee1 said...

What a beautiful bird. I'm glad you took care of him. You will let us know when he flies away home won't you?

patternnuts said...

Oh such a pretty bird!

Laren said...


He is just beautiful, I love the spotty chest!! I'm sure he will be OK, probably just a bit groggy. It's amazing what a nice quiet spot and a drink of water can do to fix up the wee birdies in this situation.


Gina E. said...

Oh Pam, you sound just like us. Ken rescues all the wildlife that comes to grief around our yard, too. I've never heard of a Flicker bird - hasn't he got beautiful feather patterns? Almost makes you want to embroider a picture of him..

Susan said...

That bird has such pretty markings. I don't think I've been aware of seeing a Flicker before. Much bigger than I imagined, after reading your top post. About quail or mourning dove size.

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