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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pet's In Need Charity Pouch Stitching Complete!

I completed the stitching on this pouch yesterday afternoon. It looks kind of dark here. I used the scanner instead of the camera:

Pets In Need Cellphone Pouch

Once I get it assembled, I'll post another photo of it.

I'll do the finishing during the week on my latest projects.

I've decided that it's time to make another purse for myself. I think the last one I made for myself was back in November! I'll be starting on this today:

Pams Blackwork Peacock Purse

This will be a Blackwork Peacock purse, the same style as the Red Hat Lady. I found some vintage black velvet ribbon in an antique shop a few weeks back when we were at Scott's dad's house so I'll be using some of that on it.

As I type, Scott is installing our new floor in the Living Room. Actually, I was helping him with it all morning but I needed a break. The noise from the compresser and the nailer gets on my nerves so I came in here for a bit. It's going pretty quickly and looks very nice! And I love the fact that it's prefinished and won't require sanding in my house like the other hardwood floors that we put in.

Frankly, I don't think any aspect of this project has been nearly as bad as when we ripped the drop ceilings down! What came out and off of that ceiling was awful! Remember, this house is 70 years old!

I'll leave you with a kind of cute story. Once we had the old ceilings down and everything was open, a mouse had gotten in. Poor little thing fell to the floor and was running back and forth along the wall looking for his way out. While he was doing this, he had an audience of 4 cats, sitting there, watching him. Because my cats are indoor cats, they had no clue what to do! They just sat there, watching this poor little mouse run back and forth! It was quite comical!

Now we don't like killing things, so Scott caught him in a waste basket and took him outside to release him. And he found where the mouse got in and closed it so we didn't have to worry about that anymore!

Have a nice day everyone! See you tomorrow!


Geri said...

That puppy looks so cute. It looks like he got caught digging in the flower garden ... and the innocent look on his face!! :) It looks perfect. Looking forward to the next one.

Michele said...

Pam, all your work is so beautiful. The only mice my cats see are the real fur fake mice. They like to play fetch with them! I am in Wisconsin, and the sun is shining!!!!! We just got lots of snow and wind, so the sun is realloy welcome. You have a great day, Pam. Hope the sun is shining for you also.

Susan said...

Sounds like the house is coming along bit by bit. I want a pic of that beautiful new flooring, too!

Love the mouse story, and that you caught it and put it out, or Scott did.

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