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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dragonflies & Peacocks

Did you ever have a day where you were amazed at how much you were able to accomplish? That's how yesterday went for me. I did so much and had a great time doing it! Well, I didn't enjoy doing the Tax stuff but I enjoyed everything else!

I did the machine-finishing on my 4 latest cellphone pouches. I'll be working on the hand-finishing today. I also did the machine-finishing on my Blackwork Peacock purse as well as the hand-finishing:

Pams Blackwork Peacock Purse

All I have left to do on this is to sew the giant snap on.

I had black vinyl handles for this purse which have to be sewn in. I don't recommend using the sew-in type of handles. It is very challenging to turn your piece right-side-out with the handles in there. Esp. if you go insane with the embellishments like I do. If you do choose to use this type of handle, the trick is to get the handles out first. Try not to drag them against your stitching and embellishments. Once the handles are out, it's easier to turn your piece. Also, be sure to leave your opening large enough. Mine is was about 7 inches.

The easiest handles to use are the ones that you attach after the finishing is done. They just slip into the tabs which are sewn in during the finishing process.

I also made 2 more Beaded Dragonflies:


And I still want to make more! Tomorrow when I go into town, I'm going to get some narrow ribbon and make some smaller ones. These will work great on 9 inch blocks but they're a little big for cellphone pouches.

The only thing I didn't get to yesterday was sewing up some new blocks. But I'll focus instead on how much I did get done!

Stop by tomorrow to check up on what I accomplish today!


Geri said...

Those dragonflies are gorgeous!!

Another blog I visit has an awesome picture of a peacock ... The colors are awesome ... Enjoy!

Kim said...


Your purse is gorgeous! Now you're going to have to get a picture of you wearing your new blouse with your purse so we can see you.


Anonymous said...

Wow. WOW. WOWOWOWOW! That purse is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen ... Wow! I want it ... Actually, I want to be able to create like that. Instead, I'll just admire and encourage as many more people as possible to do so, too.

loulee1 said...

Your purse is beautiful Pam, almost as beautiful as the one you made for me. Hehehe!
I'm looking forward to seeing the cell phone pouches, I'm itching to see how the breast cancer one turned out.
I'll be watching those dragonflies closely too, I was serious yesterday, I want one.

patternnuts said...

I love the black and white, so modern and nice! :)
Dragonflies look great, though I haven't the foggiest how to go about making anything like that!

Birthe said...

Those dragonflies are beautiful! How about showing us how to make them? :]

Ribbonwiz said...

I just LOVE your peacock purse..
Black always looks so elegant..
Thank you for your comment on my SRE..

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