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Friday, March 23, 2007

Completed Cellphone Pouches

As promised, I have photos for you today of my completed cellphone pouches.

First is the Breast Cancer Awareness pouch:

Breast Cancer Pouch 2

This pouch is already spoken for. I will donate $25.00 from the sale of this cellphone pouch to The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The beaded crocheted edging was made by my mom.

Next is the Autism Awareness pouch:

Autism Pouch 1

I designed the charted puzzle piece specifically for this pouch. I will make it available as a charity design soon.

This pouch is now available in my Etsy shop. I will donate $25.00 from the sale of this pouch to Our Children's Circle Autism Awareness group.

Next is my Pets In Need pouch:

Pets In Need Cellphone Pouch

Again, I will donate $25.00 from the sale of this pouch to Pet's In Need, my local no-kill animal shelter. I've decided to take this one up to my showcase in Richmond, Illinois. I thought it might be nice to offer it there since Pet's In Need is a local shelter.

The crocheted beaded edging on this one was also made by my mom.

Last but not least, my Basket Of Violets cellphone pouch:

Basket Of Violets Pouch 1

Does this one scream Victorian or what?!!! I just love it but I can't keep everything I make so I've added this one to my Etsy shop as well. Again, the crocheted edging was made by my mom.

So those are my most recent finishes! I did 2 more dragonflies last night and plan on a few more today. I really enjoy making them and want to use some on my crazy quilt projects. I'll also add a few to my shop possibly over the weekend.

I do plan to get back to some regular stitching soon. I have a few design projects to finish up over the weekend. And I want to start the sponge painting in my living room next week. I'll be getting the glaze tomorrow!!!!


loulee1 said...

They all look fantastic Pam. Been and paid for mine already. Hope my mum in law likes it.

patternnuts said...

Oh they all look wonderful!
I think my favorite in this group is the Autism Awareness pouch.

Kim said...


They all turned out fantastic! Hope that they sell well.


Susan said...

They are all beautiful. I don't even like pink all that much, but that first pouch is really pretty. The Autism one is very different with the puzzle piece in it. Hope all these sell with no trouble!

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