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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blackwork Peacock - Stitching Complete

So, what do you think?

Pams Blackwork Peacock Purse

Yes, I do have a tendency to love glittery things. I use alot of sequins and sparkly beads and I love metallic threads! Where else but a crazyquilt would these things look so good? I just can't wait to get this assembled and wear it with the Victorian style blouse that I bought! Actually, this blouse is Edwardian, circa 1911 - 1917.

I've always needed a lot of light. On dark, cloudy days, I have every light on in the house. As we've replaced the windows in this house, we've put in larger ones than what was here. In our living room, we added two extra windows. Darkness makes me feel tired. Light gives me energy.

In all honesty, I like classic style clothing, nothing trendy. Things that are feminine and like that blouse, maybe a bit extreme for our time. But always classic and tasteful.

For decorating, I like the cottage look with a bit of Victorian. Soft pastel colors like pink, light blue and soft green. Flowers, fruit, cats, peacocks and lots of quilts. Nothing extreme there!

I guess I feel I can go all out with my crazyquilting and do what I want. The more glitter and sparkle, the better. When I complete the stitching on one, my husband always asks me if it meets the weight requirement! Ha, ha, ha!! Yes, they are quite heavy when I'm done with them.

Speaking of peacocks, Scott bought me the most beautiful leaded glass peacock lamp last week for our living room! He was in Lowe's home improvement store and he saw it and knew how much I would love it. I'll try to remember to share a photo of that with you tomorrow.

The body is (I think) cast iron. The tail is done in the leaded glass and sits behind the body with the light in back shining through the leaded glass tail. Oh, it's gorgeous and it looks so antique and Victorian!

Someone, send me an email and remind to blog a photo of that tomorrow!

I have a tendency to forget things!


Kim said...


It's gorgeous! I love the small touches of color near the spider web and your Trademark kitty.

I'm really looking forward to seeing a picture of your completed purse, and you "wearing it" with your new blouse!



Cherry said...

So what do I think? I think you are a very talented lady with excellent taste and the loveriest husband a lady could have. A peacock lamp for you after all the stress of the new floor and all. WOW!!! You go girl. Your peacocks are all so beautiful. And the Sun is shining too..... Puppy Hugs, Cherry

Michele said...

Pam, you lucky girl!! You get to do the things you love for a living and have a great hubby also. Big windows are great, are they not? Dopn't forget to post a pix of the lamp he got you. Can;t wait to see. Michele

Lynne said...

I just finished staring at the big version of that picture for about 20 minutes, noticing the depth of the detail work in that purse. Pam, it's fabulous!

Susan said...

The peacock is gorgeous. Yes, he's glitzy, but when you look at real peacocks, and think about the animal world, he's a pretty glitzy bird anyway. Love your husband's comment about weight. He sounds like such a perfect man for you.

It's cloudy, and sometimes raining today, but warm. My body can't decide whether to be cold because of the way it looks outside, or stay warm!

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