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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Blackwork Peacock Purse Continued

Well, he looks like he's leaning a bit forward here:

Pams Blackwork Peacock Purse

Part of that is because he is and part of it is because I didn't have it straight on the scanner. I think I can balance it out a bit when I add do-dads to the branch.

I won't trim the tail until all the stitching is complete. I'll be adding sequins and beads to the tail later on and I'll be twisting it a bit at the bottom and tacking it in place. I don't want the tail to completely hide my Feather Stitch. In the meantime, I'll just pin it so it's out of my way while I work on other areas.

Unfortunately, I have to keep my post short today as I'm off to pick up more stuff for the Living Room project.

More tomorrow....

1 comment:

loulee1 said...

That looks great Pam. I really like the ribbon you've used this time.

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