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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Beaded Dragonfly

Yesterday, I set my sights on making a beaded dragonfly as an embellishment for my crazy quilts. I didn't have much in the way of wired ribbon so I made a special trip up to Michaels Craft Store. When I returned home, I made this:


Isn't he just too cool? I of course, want to make a million more now! And I do hope to have time later today to work up another one.

For the moment, I'm just itching to run my sewing machine! With the floor installation out of my way, I plan to start the machine finishing on my charity cellphone pouches as well as my Blackwork Peacock purse. I also want to sew up some new blocks. One thing I can never be accused of is "lack of ambition"! I have way more ambition and energy than I do time!


Kim said...


That is so colorful! Sure wish I had even a small fraction of your talent. You never cease to amaze me in the things you are able to do.



loulee1 said...

I want one!!

patternnuts said...

THrow some of that ambition and energy this way! :)

Susan said...

I love the dragonfly! He looks wonderful, and colorful, and very dragonfly-like. I also love the blog fix!

~vicki said...

how pretty! i have a couple of those old crochet hearts and never knew what to do with them. i love this idea! you're always so clever and never cease to amaze.

Melusine said...

I want one too! But more important I would love to know how to make one myself - is it your design or is it from a book?

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