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Friday, September 22, 2006

Pink Purse - Next Project

Pink Purse
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
This will be my next crazyquilt project. A pink purse with piecing done in velveteen, silk, cotton with metallic and a pink chiffon or organza with foil.

I wanted you to see how I do this so I made sure some of the edge shows in the photo. I allow 1/2 inch seams on my blocks which I trim down once the sewing is complete and I mark the sewing line with hand basting. Once the stitching is complete, I pull the basting thread out, trim on the outside line and then sew where the basting line was.

This is a new style for me. It has a point at the bottom and I'd like to add a fancy tassel to it when it's done.

I'm off to put some miles on my sewing machine. I plan to finish my Clover block into a purse, sew up a custom CQ block, finish 2 doorknockers and sew up a CQ block for a Christmas gift. And if all goes well, have some time to start stitching on this purse today! Do I cram too much into my day?

1 comment:

claudia said...

I LOVE the colors in this project!

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