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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Got It!

Clover Block
Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Well, look at what I finally got the hang of! Those Cast-on stitches no longer elude me. I think my biggest problem was that I'm used to doing needle tatting and working directly on the fabric, just felt confining. But I was determined to get the hang of it and finally I did! Now I can do some of the grapes I've been wanting to do!

I had wanted them to be green clovers but green just didn't pop out on this so I used a pink DMC varigated #8 Perle Cotton. I'd like to add some vines to connect them but have to decide yet on what color to use. Maybe a light metallic gold thread would show up.

I also did some beading and added some sequins. I expect to finish my work up early today so maybe I'll have a little extra stitching time this afternoon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like this one - I think I will have ago at doing it in detached buttonhole stitch. Melusine

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