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Monday, August 15, 2005

Some Of My Transfers from Yesterday's Shopping

Originally uploaded by Kitty And Me.
Sure wish I knew how to crochet! My mom said she would show me as I already know the basics but do I need the ability to do one more thing? Oh, but this is just so pretty!

Most of the transfers are complete but a few are cut. Which I don't mind at all! I'm happy to have them. These old transfer patterns are one of my weaknesses!

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~Vicki said...

what? can't crochet? and you with all that gorgeous tatting and embellishing and quilting and cross-stitching and beading talent? (i should talk, i can't either! ha!) looks like you really hit the mother-lode with all these cool patterns. i've got hundreds here, hundreds! lost count awhile back. watch out it can become addicting. i can't resist an old pattern and will sometimes buy duplicates even though i already have it just to spare it from oblivion. those apron ones are really fab too!

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