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Friday, August 19, 2005

Reproduction Vintage Iron-On Transfers

I've been asked several times now, where I find my cute and charming transfer designs. Well, some of my vintage transfers were given to me. And some of you already know that I find many at Flea Market & Antique Shows as well as Antique shops. I've also purchased a few through Ebay.

A really great source for Iron-On Transfers is PatternBee! Vicki's transfers are reproductions made from her own extensive collection of vintage transfers and they are "iron-on". PatternBee offers over 500 reproduction designs including transfers for baby items, towels, won't believe all the great designs there are to choose from!

I have several of Vicki's reproduction patterns. They are packaged beautifully and come with complete and excellent transferring instructions!


I met Vicki through her Turkey Feathers Blog, which is absolutely wonderful! Every day is like paging through a lovely Home Arts magazine. Lots of beautiful photos too as Vicki shares her sewing, embroidery, gardening and cooking & baking with her readers.

Vicki and I recently did a fun craft swap. She had found some beautiful vintage cherry fabric which I fell in love with. She kindly offered to swap 1/2 of it with me!


Scott is currently in the process of refinishing a set of 4 mismatched antique pressback chairs. I'm going to use this to make some seat covers for them.

Also in our swap, Vicki sent me a beautiful vintage style towel that she made as well as a handmade potholder that she did from a vintage kit.



In return, I sent Vicki some various fabrics, some buttons and trims and few other things that I thought she would like.

Anyway, if you're looking for transfers, try PatternBee!


Gina E. said...

Well, that didn't take me long...clicked on the link, viewed every pattern in the online shop and ordered four!!! Thanks for that link, Pam. Your transfer collection is sensational - I hope I won't be tempted to equal it! But I do share your delight in them, they are so much fun. Gee I wish the world could revert to those old days in some was so simple and sweet. Ah, but they didn't have the Internet then, did they...

Pam Kellogg said...

Gina, it's an obsession for me! I truly do love those charming designs from the simple days as you said. I too wish we could go back to that time when life was a little bit slower and more relaxed. But like you said, the internet is a modern convienence that I wouldn't want to part with!

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