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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Snowman Purse Complete

When a person doesn't sleep well, they tend to have a lot of stitching time!  I finished up this Crazy Quilt Snowman Purse:

Talk about a Winter Wonderland!  Be sure to click on the image so you can see it up close.  I used tons and tons of sequins for sparkle and lots of snowflake buttons.

This purse is for my sister Kathi.  She gave me the cross stitch piece earlier this and asked if I would do a crazy quilt purse for her. 

Here are close ups of the seam embroidery:

Due to the size of the cross stitch piece, I didn't have a lot of room for elaborate seam embroidery.  These are examples of what can be done in small spaces.

In other news, I'll have a diagnosis on my dad later today.  I'm really trying to stay out of the "worst case scenario".  I'll know when I know.  I guess it's human to go to the worst and it's certainly how my crazy mind works.  For now, I'm really trying to stay in today.

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