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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Elegant Crazyquilt Seam Treatments - Try Me Patterns

If you've been considering my Elegant Crazyquilt Seam Treatments EBooks, I thought you might enjoy trying a few patterns first.  I worked up 2 charted borders for you to use on your Crazy Quilt seams using Waste Canvas:
If you've done Counted Cross Stitch, you'll know how to work with Waste Canvas.  If you haven't, the basic principle is that one square on the grid = 1 stitch on the Waste Canvas.  It's a matter of counting out your stitches and duplicating them on your Crazy Quilt.  Full directions are available in Volume 1 of my Ebook.

For Crazyquilting, I recommend using 8.5 count or 10 count Waste Canvas.

If you already have my Ebooks, then please, enjoy these new additions to your seam treatment collection!


MosaicMagpie said...

I have never thought of using Waste Canvas. What a great idea to keep uniform stitches.

Shirley said...

Hi, I can see so many things I would like to try, but there is never enough hours in the day. I enjoyed catching up on some of your previous post. Have a wonderful day. A Missouri Friend.

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