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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Source For Design Inspiration

I'm sure you've noticed that quite often, I use vintage costume jewelry in my crazy quilting. These pretty and interesting pieces are a wonderful starting point for abstract needle-art as well as an instant focal point to work around. They are also a great source of design inspiration!

While wandering around Borders bookstore earlier this week, I came across this little book on the subject:


Yes, this is the image from If you're interested in this book, click here to go directly to the book listing at Amazon.

The many photographs are amazing and I'm sure you'll find great inspiration for all sorts of design possibilities with the use of thread and beads as your medium.

I'm off to get my yard ready for plants! It's a gorgeous warm & sunny here so I'm feeling the need to dig in my garden!

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Susan said...

So spring has finally arrived? What are you planting? I saw the most beautiful philodendrons in the grocery store yesterday - big and full and only $7.99! I wanted one. I love philos, but I have no place to hang it. If I'd found it two months ago, I would have gotten in and enjoyed it for two months, leaving with the manager when we go. But no, it has to show up our last few days here!

The purple dyed tatted piece you sent a while back is finding a home on this month's treasure box quilt blocks. =)

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