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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Peacock On Heart Block

I had a good few hours yesterday to work on this Peacock piece:

Peacock Heart Crazy Quilt

The fix for the peacock not popping was definitely to outline him in metallic gold. He sure pops now! And that funky earring is a most excellent tail isn't it? I waited to sew that on until I had most of the other do-dads on. I knew that earring would be a "pain in the behind" because my threads would catch on it.

I'd like to say a special thank you to June R. for the pretty little flowers that I used on my signature cat. June, I love them!

So how will I be finishing this? Well, you know I just love to make cellphone pouches so I believe this will be the first in a new line of cellphone pouch designs! When I get to finishing, I'll share the tutorial with you. Once I figure out what "I'm" doing!

If you're into exchanging hearts in the "Chain Of Hearts" group, but don't know what to do with your finished pieces, this might be a fun idea for you so stay tuned. And if anyone is interested, there are still some heart kits in my Etsy shop.


sue brown said...

The more I look at that peacock's tail the more I think my mother had a pair of earrings very similar to that! Maybe a pair just like it!

I'm anxious to see how you finish this piece. I may want to call dibs on it!

Sue in western WA

Candi Harris said...

Oh Pam, your block is fantastic!! It's just gorgeous!

alisonmc said...

How wonderful! I adore peacocks and the way you've used the earring for the tail is just plain cool.

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