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Friday, April 13, 2007

Ocean Garden Cellphone Pouch Continued

I'm constant search of new names for my "Seascapes"! You may be wondering why I do so many of these? It's because I find them very peaceful to work on. Just like watching fish swim in an aquarium. There's something soothing about creating under water themed pieces.

Ocean Garden Cellphone Pouch

I started with some purple eyelash yarn, tacking it at the bottom and then twisting it, tacking at the twists. I added just a bit of feather stitching to the right, some other purple yarn in the middle and then a piece of mint green vintage trim. The metallic gold piece that you see is a vintage tassel which I fanned out and then sewed on.

This piece is really more about couching and embellishing than stitching. It's kind of fun to experiment with different yarns and trims.

Scott drilled holes in a bunch of seashells for me so those are the next do-dads to go on and then beads and sequins. As you can see, I've already added my cat. I tend to forget about adding him on the seascapes. I try to make him blend into the background.

1 comment:

loulee1 said...

Well puss is not exactly an ocean object!! These pieces are not my thing, but I love to see them grow!

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