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Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Aquarium!

We've come a long way on our Living Room remodel and are finally reaching the point of completion!

The floor is done and the trim is in. We primed and painted the trim first before nailing it in place. I spent a couple of hours this past week going around and touching up the paint on the nail holes.

I still have to paint the risers on the steps and the interior door and I still have to have paint my Ivy leaves here and there but I'm very happy to say, that the worst is over! The "dust" producing projects are done!

Before we started this project, we had a 60 gallon aquarium which took up a whole wall. I could have lived without the fish tank all together but Scott really enjoys it so I asked if we could get a smaller corner tank instead. He loved the idea so yesterday, we went up to PetsMart and bought our new corner tank. It's all set up and we can start moving our fish later this evening:

Aquarium 1

Check out the Greek (or Roman) ruins that we bought! We went with all new gravel, artificial plants and do-dads.

When we did the floor, we had to set up 2 small temporary tanks (heaven help me, in my kitchen) for our fish. And we unfortunately lost 4 of them in the move. So next weekend, we'll head back up to PetsMart and get 3 or 4 new tiny fantail goldfish. I love goldfish!

Here's a photo of the tank on the stand. You can see my new oak floor, my icy aqua blue sponge painted walls and my white trim:

Aquarium 2

Could I possibly be any worse at taking pictures! Geez, I should have had Scott take these. But it's enough for you to see! I have an antique chair that will sit next to the tank so my cats easily watch the fish. Simba especially enjoys watching them swim back and forth!


Kim said...


What a pretty fish tank! I sometimes think that I'd like one, too, but then I remember my current menagerie, and change my mind.

Hope you'll post pics of your fish in their new tank.


The Mad Stitcher said...

Love your new aquarium! I, slao, love fish and have had as many as three tanks going at once with different types of fish in each one. I miss mine now and when I get moved into my new home, I think I shall get a new one.

I love your new floors and paint color. Congrats on a job finished. I am in the middle of that mess now preparing my house for resale. Glad to know that they do finally end!

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